2019 BMW M850XI Coupe - thoughts?


Got a quote yesterday on a 2019 BMW M850XI coupe, wanted to know what the community thinks of this deal:

MSRP: $119,000
Price after discount: $99,495
Price after discount after rebates: $96,495

Residual: 55%
MF: .00128
36 months, 10k a year

DAS - $5600 (taxes, fees, etc)
Monthly - $1079

aiming for 21%-22% off before incentive,yours is only 17.5%

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You can do better, hire a broker in here

all the ones from brokers are either not available or already sold

There should be enough details in the example deals and comments in other 850 threads to cobble together a respectable counter offer. Good luck.

tried atleast 10 dealerships trying to get 21-22% off msrp before rebates and they all think im lying or crazy

closest im able to get it seems like is 17-18%

I feel you man

Let’s do this! Shoot me a PM and sign up for cca today if you haven’t already for the $1500 rebate

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i thought your deal was over

The 20% ones are still alive

sent you a pm

Got a different deal here on a demo. Please let me what you guys think?

MSRP - $120,145
Selling Price - $94,915
Selling Price (Loyalty + Lease Cash) - $91,915 (23.5%)

Residual: 55%
MF: .00137
36 months, 10k a year
Region: NY

Demo mileage - $3,500

PLUS I have 3 months left on my lease which I will be rolling into payments - $2682

Asking for $1233.45 per month - Only first month due at signing ($1233.45)

Initially I don’t think its a good deal seeing how a demo should be at a higher discount compared to a new car… not sure how I can get them to go even lower

Got the lease worksheet for the deal…

Can anyone confirm to see if the numbers look right?

Residual was adjusted because it is a demo and MF is set to 0.00137