2019 BMW M550i Lease Transfer - SOLD

Sold to a LH member! 2020202929


Great deal, sick car.

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Thanks bro.

Screaming deal!

And completely unrelated, but I find it absurd that BMW still charges $450 for heated seats on an $80k car lol


Porsche charges for navigation on 2019 cars. Welcome to German luxury!

Completely unrelated but you can get all of these features on a Japanese car for sub-30k.

Yeah I agree with you on that… lol. Can’t imagine seeing a car like this without heated seats but I’m sure it exists.

What’s more absurd is that most luxury cars in California dont have cooling seats! I think that should come standard for cars in cali.

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It’s not like the ventilated seats work well in BMW’s anyway; I don’t even feel a difference when they’re on/off in our other BMW.
Lexus cooled seats are the best from my experience and you can get them easily in lower spec’d cars (Compared to BMW where they’re not available on anything under a 5 series and even then you usually have to get a very high MSRP to get it)

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Agreed. They’re useless.

Nothing compared to the ventilated seats in my 2011 INFINITI, where air is cooled by the AC system first, and the fan settings range from an icy whisper to

The ventilated seats in my wife’s Palisade are amazing. I never run them over the first setting and I live in south Florida and it’s been over 90 every day.


Going to wait a few days before I post this on Swapalease.

Bump. Officially on swapalease.


Just paid registration for 2020-2021 so new buyer won’t have to worry about that for an entire year.

Sold To a LH!


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Let mods know if need to re-open