2019 BMW M5 (Non-comp), 123K MSRP, $1040/month. No MSDS. DAS REDUCED $1K (Tri-State)


I have to exercise a lot of restraint. I’ve always told myself just because I can, doesn’t mean I should. I’ve allocated a little above half of what the monthly payment is on this beautiful beautiful car, for our third vehicle, if I didn’t have kids, I’d be getting rid of the minivan and getting this beast right now.

Beautiful car, very decent payment, if there wasn’t a pandemic this would’ve moved very quickly.

P.S anyone wanna split a lease in northwestern Ohio I’ll drive the even months you drive the odd ones.:joy:


yup available

throw the exhaust and I’ll be in lol

What would they pay off be if I just wanted to buy it?

It is 99341 at the current moment.
I cannot think of a single reason why anyone would buy this vehicle at this price at this point.


Still available? I’m interested

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Yes available

DAS Reduced as well as the price for the remus catback.
Lets move this beast.
Won’t find a deal like this on any remaining 2020 or 2021 M5, F90!

PM’d. Thanks.

This gone?

Such a nice ride. :slight_smile: I’d jump on it if I didn’t have another car to worry about ditching first.

Listening to that Remus video (of the exhaust, not the music) - just makes me smile and feel good! : )