2019 BMW M5 (Non-comp), 123K MSRP, $1040/month. No MSDS. DAS REDUCED $1K (Tri-State)


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW M5, Non-comp
Colors: Rhodonite Silver/Black
Location: Tri-state (PA)

MSRP: $122k
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $1,040

Current mileage: 7,xxx (Currently my DD so it will go up slightly) - Aug 2020
Maturity mileage: 36000
Effective miles per month: 900-950 miles/month
Maturity date: May 2023

MSD due: None
Cash due : $1,500 (Reduced)
Transfer fee: $500 (Paid by transferee)
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Yes

CF Lips, CF splitters, CF mirror caps, paddle shifter extension, black M5 badge (rear).
All cosmetic modifications (CF parts) can be had for free.

Currently Remus catback exhaust ($4.5k brand new) is installed on the car.
You can keep it on the car (2.5k) or I can put OEM exhaust back on.
Link to the exhaust video is below. (It sounds much better in person)

Remus Catback M5

You won’t find this low of payment for fully loaded M5 with 12k/year, 0 MSDS.
More pictures can be taken upon requests.
Serious inquiry only.

Thank you!


Why are you getting rid of this beast so soon?

Family and job situation changed.
Need something more subtle as DD!

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How is the insurance for something like this?

How would his insurance compared to yours!


You have everything you need from the window sticker and the post… just go get a quote

That would depend on other variables like your age, region, accident history and so on not just the car.

You need the vin, I’m sure he has it on swapalease tho and they have a place for the vin.

I have not posted on swapalease yet. Will probably do so in about a week or so.

I want it!

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DAS reduced to 2k.
Lets move this car. Bump!

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Any luck on swapalease?

I think people being quarantined and not necessarily going out nearly as much plus a lot of people working from home have folks re-thinking $1000+ dollar leases. Ive got 2 cars just to myself let alone my girlfriends and I’ve put 350 to 400 miles a month since mid March. Normally its 1150ish or so.

One of those cars is $1130 a month (Jag F Type SVR).


It’s not that, two m5s with $200 payment + 15k down just moved within days of being posted. It’s definitely the monthly + das, I saw a few $1200s move as well. Lease transfers are all about monthly, location and timing. This will most definitely move without a down payment, may take some time to move with a down payment.


Anyone want to drive my Maserati GTS for 6 more months @ $1000/mo so I can get this?!?!

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Read this as a plural not possessive at first :joy::joy:


Haven’t posted on Swapalease yet.
Probably will post it there if it does not move this month.

Can you throw any incentives lol?

I’ll pay for the insurance!


Still available