2019 BMW M5 Competition (129K MSRP) $1260/ month w taxes 36/12K lease. No MSDs. 3k DAS


2019 BMW M5 Competition
LOADED! Ceramic Brakes!
Location: Northeast, Fairfield County
Exterior: Black Sapphire Metallic
Interior: Black Extended Merino Leather

MSRP: $129,595
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $1169

Current mileage: 8500~
Maturity mileage: 36,000
Effective miles per month: 1057
Maturity date: November 2022

Cash due: $3k DAS

Financial institution: BMWFS
Transfer fee: $500
Out-of-state transfer allowed: Yes

Car is in mint condition
Carbon Ceramic Brakes
Bowers and Wilkins Sound
Executive Package
Drive Assistance Plus
Extended Leather


Beautiful car but wowzers on the payment! GLWT!

Whats a good payment on M5 (competition or not) ? Test drove one last weekend and loved it, just started looking.

I would look around a bit, think you will see this is very competitive deal for a loaded M5 comp ($129k car with 12k yearly mileage)

That one is still sitting here after a month and a half. This would probably have better luck on SAL, but to move on here, the downpayment will need to be $0 at a minimum. Do your research though. It’s a beautiful car and fun to drive!

I’d try posting the car on SAL. You’ll most likely find someone there who is shopping for your particular car and doesn’t mind the payment. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like once a payment is over $900 on here the alarms start ringing haha. Great car and GLWT.

Good payment for a comp, but das kills it.

This is something that would move on SAL, maybe even able to get the 3k das.

This car is 7k more… When you take that into consideration its almost the same kind of deal as the one you posted in the thread. You should research the market on these cars before making comments like this on OP’s thread. This is a very good deal DAS aside. Good luck finding a 2020/2021 anywhere near this price.


The DAS was exactly what I was referencing. As I always say, something is worth what someone is willing to pay.

With the DAS rolled in its an effective 1375-1380 payment… Still a great deal for a loaded M5 comp. I just calculated it and it’s equivalent to getting around 13.6% off on a new one… which is going to be very very difficult (near impossible) with how little inventory there is out there.


I’ll just let you take the win. GLWT OP!

Great way to compare, thank you for this!

still available?

Still available?