2019 BMW M4 Competition Lease?

Hello, i am currently in talks of leasing a BMW M4 Competition Package from a local So-cal dealer wanted to know what peoples thoughts are on here from experience if i should negotiate a lower rate or this is the lowest its going to get. Details

Dealer Price:79,800
Lease Credit :$5250
BMW Loyalty:$2500
College Grad:$1000
$3000 drive off 36/10 for $830 a month tax includes? Thoughts on this?

Dealer discount needs to be a lot more. Search for previous deals on here but I’d say at least 8/10%

…maybe a good starting point for comparison, I think there have been a couple M4 offers/signs in the last month or two if you want to search threads.

Thank you for the help. Whats the maximum percent off msrp i should negotiate? Seems like 13% going off other member experiences.

13% might be tough. Aim for 11-12%

Are the incentives and loyalty amounts the same for all M4 trims ?

If you are in SoCal, hit up @LeaseHero. He can get you an m4 cs for way less than that.


Thank you all for the help. The dealer is willing to go down to 799 tax included. The residual is 57% and MF is .00165. Unusual part is when i put those in the lease calculator on leasehackr it shows a monthly payment of $730 with tax? Should i push for it or can the calculations be off on the calculator sometimes. currently waiting on a breakdown of the drive off and all the fees to have a better idea of why the payment is 799.

Is it 0 das? Plus u should put max msd to lower payment even more.

its 3000 das apparently is what the dealer is telling me.

I can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do better than this. Try for this…and NEVER do cap cost reduction when you can do MSD’s instead.

Thank you for the advice, im sure this has been asked before but does the msd relieve you from the first month payment and other fees that i would pay for on a cap cost reduction?

Only if you roll them into the payment but the $ you save on interest from the MSD helps mitigate the drive offs.

okay definitely makes sense.thank you for the help.

So roll the current 3000k you were going to put down into the lease (so zero drive off) and tell them you want to do 7 MSDs (or any number less if you don’t want to put up that much cash).

Appreciate the help everyone.This is the lease structure breakdown i got from another dealer since the initial car i found the dealer hasn’t provided a breakdown for me.

. This one is a 87K MSRP with a selling price of 78k before incentives.

Seems a bit weak compared to some of the discounts others are getting.


I figured, as i went into the dealer. The sales advisor seemed reluctant to even drop ask the gm for another 2% off saying “thats a lot of money for the dealer” and telling me its only $30-$60 why negotiate?

“$30-60 is my coffee money, you wouldn’t like me without coffee.”


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