2019 BMW i3 discount

Hey Hackrs, I’m going to be in market for a 2019 i3 to replace my 2017 i3 in a month or so. I wonder what % of dealer discount everyone is getting before BMW incentives? Is it for BEV or REx?

I was able to get ~13% off MSRP for my 2017 i3 two years ago. I wonder if market has changed with all the pressure from new EVs on the market.

It seems the car is not really being talked about on the forum right now (only see a few i3 lease transfer threads).

13% is around the average I saw when I shopped on the East Coast. There’s more demand for the i3 in California but also more supply so you should be to get 12-13% off an in-stock unit.

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I wonder if anyone knows when MY2020 is coming to the lot. Historically, it’s either September or January. Hoping to see MY2020 hitting the lot soon to push the dealerships getting rid of their MY2019 stock.

MY2019 is in production until November, so we’ll see MY2020 January at the earliest. No major changes are expected.

P.S. There wasn’t a big push to clear MY2018 i3’s when the MY2019 came out (BMWFS didn’t help either) despite the larger battery size and lowered option prices on MY2019 so I wouldn’t count on it.

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Thanks, Michael. Good to know the expectation. I guess I need to cast a larger net to find a dealership that’s willing to sell starting now.

I’m sure there will be a dealership near you that’s motivated to sell an i3. A lot of dealers in California have an impressive selection. Good luck!

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Hi Cartoman. Did you end up buying an i3 yet? I’m curious about your experience and any advice you may have to offer. I’m finding BMW to be very difficult to deal with. I never owned a BMW before.

I’m hoping to ask a question by creating a thread here about leasing 2019 BMW i3. There does not seem to be an option anywhere for me to create a thread. Maybe this is because I’m new?

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