2019 BMW I3 BEV Lease Transfer in SoCal - $155/mo

Hey guys, pandemic killed my commute therefore putting my i3 up for a transfer. It should still be eligible for Socal Edison rebate ( I think $1000). Registration is due on Nov.

2019, BMW i3 Bev
Los Angeles

MSRP: 46,745
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $155
Effective monthly payment : $155

Current mileage: 5500
Maturity mileage: 25000
Effective miles per month:930
Maturity date: May 2022

MSD due:1400

Financial institution: BMWFS
Transfer fee:500
White i3, like new condition, it has Harman Kardon audio, turbocord charger and active cruise control ( one of those odd builds), otherwise base car.

Photos: Coming up


The Caparris white os the best color IMO✔️. It looks awesome with the black contrast. Thats what I actually wanted when I picked on up last year but had to settle for fluid black. GLWT…This would go immediately (probably into my garage, LOL) if this was in FL.

Hi, interested… Is out of state possible?

This is a very nice payment.

I got an i3 at $229 pre-tax last year and thought that was a pretty good deal.

GLWT should go fast.

Hi, I live in LA too and am interested.

Hey! I’m interested! How soon can we start the transfer process?

Interested, if the others don’t go through.

will work fine for me–if its around ill take it.

Is your transfer still available? I am interested.


I am interested to get it right away if available.

Transfer pending. Thank you for the huge interest.

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