2019 BMW 740xi Msport - $93k MSRP - 23 months - 12k miles - $584 plus tax - $0 MSDs - $2200 down + transfer fee

I have another strong 7 series deal up for grabs…

Exterior: Black Sapphire Metallic
Interior: Black Dakota Leather
Monthly Payment: $583.78 plus tax
Drive-Off Amount: $500 BMW lease transfer fee + $2200 to me.
MSDs: $0
Months Left: 23
Current Mileage: 3,XXX
Original Contract Total Miles: 27,XXX
Miles for rest of the term: 24,000 approximately
Original Term Length: 24 Months
Lease Start Date: 07/12/2019
Lease End Date: 07/12/2021
MSRP: $92,975
Negotiated Price: $61,992.41
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Can you transfer out that early?

Yes. 20 characters.


Great deal! I love it

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Great deal. Been thinking of doing this to another 7 series myself for $1-2k down swap
From someone. No MSD’s and short term it should go quick.

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You madman, what’s the next lease on your horizon?!

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I honestly don’t know. This 7 series deal has me pretty spoiled. I’ve yet to crack an S class! Those things are impossible.

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Deal is currently pending. Moderators, I will alert you if the deal falls through. Thank you LH!

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My buyer has gone quiet on this one, so she is now reopened.

I never thought about opening the hood on my 7.

Do people do this (I mean people who aren’t being paid to change the oil or something)?

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This deal seems nuts how is this still available

This is just NUTTY!

You deserve to be in jail. You murdered that dealer!! :rofl:

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You guys are too funny. I assure you, no one was murdered in the process. All are alive and well. My hands are clean!

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That’s exactly what a murder would say. :rofl:

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Are you in Pittsburgh?

Also do you hack watches :joy:?


I’m near Allentown, Pennsylvania. I like watches and own a few. I found that hacking them has been impossible. For the good ones, at least.

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Should go quick!

Not to hijack the thread but i assume it can be transferred to NY with no issues and tax would be on monthly? Wish it was available towards September or so once I could settle a few things on my end. Either way great job.

Correct. The lease can be transferred anywhere in the US. Taxes are calculated based on how your respective state calculates sales tax on a lease. For example, in Pennsylvania, the lease tax is 9% of the monthly payment amount (or 11% if registered in Philadelphia).

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Good one. Too bad, I am in Oregon to take it.