2019 BMW 740i Xi

So here is what I’ve negotiated. May sign tonight. Let me know what you think.

Selling Price 68K (including $2,000 Loyalty)
$820 a month
24 month lease
60% Residual
$3100 Up Front Including Taxes
Looks like it would be $624 on a 36 Month. Any suggestions?

So $19.6k on 2 years or $2,800 extra for the entire 3rd year?

I’d take 3 years and throw it on SAL for the 3rd year, at $624 you’ll get a taker. Wouldn’t do MSDs if that was the plan though, would make finding a taker for the swap harder.

Base MF this month is .00145, FYI.

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Didn’t know the money factor went down. I emailed the dealer asking for an adjustment. Let’s see what they come back with.

No MSD’s. What’s a SAL?

Also, I’m aiming for 24 months only because that’s when my other lease comes out of contract. I want to have a little more purchasing power year two. Never keep a car beyond that to be honest.

Swapalease.com - your best move is to take the 3 years, and start trying to push it off around month 23. $624 would get taken there, imo.

Meaning, sell it back to the dealer or private party at that point? Another question I was thinking of: since they’re lowering the value of the car pretty substantially; what are the chances of the car being above value at the end of year 2?

Private lease transfer.

No idea about your other question.

Just got the dealer to drop it to $760 for 24 months, its $730 based on the residual changing to 54% on a 3 year. What do you think?

Here’s the new deal:

I would do the 36 month like the other guy is suggesting, then put it on swapalease.com, you could probably even make 2-3k as a down payment for the new lessee.

edit: how come it was 624 earlier for a 36 month but now 730?

I didn’t caculate the reduction in the residual for the 36 month. That was my fault. It’s 730 on the 36 and 760 on the 24- 3K down. What do you guys think?

ah makes sense, I mean it’s honestly up to you being a $30 a month difference you could go both ways, no idea on judging the deal itself I’m sure somebody else will chime in on that but I still think somebody might bite on swapalease in the 3rd year.

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if it’s $30 differnce do the 24 months. but that 3K down over 24 months will be like adding $125 to your payment

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IMHO you should be getting a good deal more of a discount on a loaner. If this was a new unit then 24-25% would be a good discount and I would say pull the trigger.

Given it is a demo I think you should be closer to 30%. I was able to pick up a demo 740I for 35% in April. I have seen others get demo’s in the 29-30% discount range on 740i’s.