2019 BMW 540i xDrive (Critically review this lease please)

MSRP: $72,235
Negotiated Price (before rebates): $64,440
Untaxed Rebates: $4,500
Dealer Fees: $300
DMV Registation: $250
Doc Fee: $995
Net Cap Cost: $61,485
Lease Term: 36 months / 10K
MF: 0.00165
RV: 60%
Tax: 10% on monthly lease payment (DC)

Capitalized all costs.
Zero cash except for first month payment



Feels like there might be $1-2K left in the bag with the dealer.

Qualified for $3,500 lease + $1,000 conquest rebates, but not loyalty (too many years have passed since I owned a BMW).

You’re at 11% discount pre-incentive indicated so far which isn’t bad but there may be room to drop another $1,500-3,000 in sell price depending on how long have they had the car in inventory…Also, that’s a pretty hefty doc fee…

-Look into an OL code (Drive for cause test drive) for an extra ~30/mo
-You can get CCA $1,000 post sale rebate (keep this in your back pocket though…)

See if you can get close to my posted calculator and if the car has been sitting a while (6 months+) feel free to push for an extra $1,000 dealer discount.

My bad. Wrong labeling. The $925 is for BMW FS lease acquisition fee, not documentation fee.

Dealer fee is capped statutorily at $300 for the dealer I’m working with. Only add’l fee is $250 for DMV tags.

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Try this then.

Electric hit the nail on the head with this one! From my calculations you can ask for another $1,000-$2250.

Has anyone seen 13.5% off MSRP on new 2019 5 series in SoCal before incentives? I’d be very willing to pull the trigger with such discount.

So far, I’ve been able to get 11% off and I’m hitting resistance at 12%.

Thanks for your feedback as I continue to shop for a good hack.

I’d check out BMW-specific forums. There are so-cal dealers that are very active in those communities. Spoke with few back in the day when I was in the market for an M3 in 2015.

I’m reworking the deal, but they have offered several more concessions. Thanks all.