2019 BMW 540i MSPORT - Deal? $699/mo 2500 DAS $70K Car

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW 540i MSPORT
MSRP: $70,850
Monthly Payment: $699.00
Drive-Off Amount: $2500
Annual Mileage:10,000
Residual: 42,350
Incentives: $4250 Rebate $2000 Loyalty - $6500 total
Region: SoCal
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Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Have a lease offer on the table, is this a good deal?

2019 BMW 540i Msport

Harmon Kardon
M performance exhaust
Heads up display

MSRP $70,850

Rebates and Incentives: $6250
Additional discount ~2k

Selling price: ~62K

$699.00 month including tax, 36 months, 10K per year $2500 Due at Signing

Just $2,000 dealer discount?


I assume reading the forum is much harder than making a post?

I’m in the market for a same car and your number doesn’t really match

Selling price at 62k is pretty good discount on the car. Its about 12%

Also your incentives will be 5250 (2k loyalty + 3250 lease credit)

Residual for 10k is at 60%

Good discount, good incentives but where did you get the monthly payment from??

Im also in Los Angeles looking for the same vehicle

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Run away, dealer isn’t giving you even 3% off MSRP, ask for 10%. 2020 is around the corner.

Wait he said 70k is the MSRP and selling price is at 62k that pretty good discount. Dealer calculation is somewhat incorrect unless he owe any previous lease

Yes but it seems he included incentives and rebates into that, not on top. So the above poster is correct its a poor discount.

OP needs to clarify.

Whatttt… its easy to get 10% disount without any incentives added on…

For comparison… This is what I just got on Saturday

540i with premium package 2 , HUD, H/K sound, driving assistance package

and even that’s awful.

I can read the forum all I want, but ask the hackrs is a section which this comment is posted in, are you aware?

you should have went with a broker or did some more research, 2k discount is awful. You could have used the internet to search and still got 10-12% off a loaner. On a new car you should be able to get 6-8% easy no negotiating.

Hi guys,

Ok some more clarification.

First, this car is new and there are no MSDs, incase any curious.

The vehicle has a $4250.00 Rebate. $2000.00 Loyalty. $2900 further discount.

Total rebates and discounts from MSRP, $9150.00. Thats 13% off of MSRP.

Lease is as follows:

MSRP: $70,850
Selling Price: $61700
MF: 0.00128
Residual: 60%

Pre-Tax amount: $640.00
Tax inclusive: $698.00
Total due at signing: $2500

Here is the breakdown:

No, that is 4% MSRP pre-incentives and rebates. Like I said above, all leasehackrs negotiate pure MSRP % off car before adding rebates and incentives. There is 4-8% more room to move.

Also your calculator numbers dont add up.

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I never purchased the car. I asked if its a deal. What is a good payment for this vehicle in your eyes?

Those in SoCal, check this one out : https://www.crevierbmw.com/details-2019-bmw-5_series-540i-used-wbaje5c5xkww26937.html

thought this was in share deals my fault, I’m also in the market. Here’s the type of quotes I have been getting.

499 0 das 72k
529 0 das 75k
399 0 das 66k

All typically 17-19% discount off pre incentives.

Are you married to new? loaners will give you better deals most of the time.

depends on region as well, certain areas of the country have a tough time getting the dealer discount to get a better deal, also certain places have high doc fees that add $10-$20 to payment, i.e virginia, florida. Then you have taxes, but you can’t control any of that.

I would say start shopping cargurus for loaners 250+ days on the lot and the numbers you will start getting will look more like 4s and 5s. All depends on how much you wanna work/grind the deal, for most leasehackrs they go or (want to go) all the way down to the bone but anything over 15% is a good deal for most people. Time and effort are key here. You will here lots of No’s before you get a yes.

Do not any any incentives on top of the discounted price. Discount should be pure from the MSRP first. On the MSRP, the best I got was 10% from the original MSRP. Then, apply all your incentives. (Lease credit $3250 + loyalty $2k + OL code $1k or $500) OL can be assigned when you sign up. Got mine by signing up didnt attend. But I dont know if OL code would work at the dealer.

With 60% residual, 0.001280 MF on 10,000 miles.

Start from here and work your way up to get an additional discount on the vehicle.
Just think MF, residual, gov fee are preset

Just get an idea on the below
Discount on the car is the main point