2019 BMW 540i $5000 down, $378/month 24/12k

2019 BMW 540i
Luxury Package/ Sport Line
24 months 12k miles/year - remaining
MSRP 62k
5k down

Payment $378 (tax included)
Car is located in Atlanta,GA

$586 per month

We don’t even know how many months are left :confused:

mods should make a sticky with a template for posting lease transfer offers.


Or how many miles.

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Listed in the ad 24 months12k remaining.

that’s a hefty das, assuming you listed it in swapalease already?

My 530i almost had the same MSRP, must be a base

Yes it’s a base 540i. Still a 540i though.

Done! Added a template.

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Are you buying it? Let the market speak for itself. His car is probably $360ish pretax.

lol troll, I think 2-3k plus buyer covers transfer fees is more than fair, 5k would move on swapalease. but I would not give the car away for 0 das besides transfer fee’s that would be dumb.

keep in mind most brokers have tax due at signing so 410+ tax.