2019 BMW 540 Xi loaner - Deal check


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I am trying to negotiate a deal with a dealer on one of the loaner BMW 540Xi. Could you please have a look on the offer they sent me, trying to post the LH Calculator as well, once i align it with the offer

model: 2019 BMW 540 Xi - M- Sport package
Loaner miles: 3400
MSRP: 69170
Selling Price: $58890
Lease term: 36/10
discount percentage: 14.9% (this is definitely an area where I would be negotiating on)
Residual: 60%
MF: 0.00128
Incentive: $4250 (Lease Cash+conquest)
Tax Rate: 8.625%


  • What would be the amount due at signing, is it 4890? or is it just the first month due?
  • anything else I should be negotiating on, apart from the loaner discount (20%)?

Thank you

The $4,890 is the rebate (4250) plus first month of $640.

Your out of pocket would be just first month in this structure, unless I’m somehow very confused.


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Even I thought so, calling out these amounts as the Drive Off confused me.

You’re doing the right thing. Ask if you don’t understand.

Some people sign then ask. Big mistake.



I asked for the selling price of 20% off the MSRP and this is what I got:

Blockquote : We cannot take that deal. At $58,890 we are already losing $3,500. It is a negative deal. We cannot take off another $3,800

It may be tough to get 20% discount. But you can push for a little more. Also consider applying MSD to lower the MF. Experiment with the calculator to see how much each deposit lowers payment.

Most folks here are pretty big fans of MSD provided you can tie up the funds and realize that MSD makes transferring less likely if you tire of the car.



What % discount amount should I aim for?

Dont ever listen when they use the “its a negative deal”. Ultimately there is no negative deal, they get the money in the end somewhere. 20% is hard to push for but sometimes we see it happen. 15% is the reasonable discount that most see here

I would be happy with 17%.

What’s the $1,149 in state fees? Doc fee in NY is only $85 so couldn’t be solely registration.

thats not true. plenty of deals are losers for the store and are done just to move metal.

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you get a customer with potential repeat business, kickbacks from the car manufacturer, volume bonuses, service appointments etc… All that has value that directly will translate into money,

That is a dealer in MA

from the looks of what this particular client is looking for, doesn’t feel like repeat business or much F&I…it’s just to move metal on a loaner. there can very much be losers. most of the deals you see in marketplace from any of the non brooklyn based leasing companies are losers for stores.

If you’re in MA reach out to @Bostoncarconcierge


Non-MA people should think twice before buying cars from MA dealers. You won’t be able to drive off the lot after signing and paying. Wait weeks for MA plates to come in, then you can come back to drive it home

Wait, really? No temp tags issued?


“What’s a temp tag?” - MA RMV.

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There’s talk of temps coming Q2 2020. That would make life so much easier for hackers.


How does it work currently if the car has to be registered outside MA? They get the plates from the destining state and then let go the car?

that would make life so much easier for literally anybody who has ever bought a car in MA. For the fees they charge you’d think they could figure this out.