2019 BMW 530i loaner


MSRP: $58,120
Sale price before rebate: $47,162
$2,250 lease credit + $1,000 conquest
Loaner with 1300 miles
Residual: 66% (65.66 after mile deduction)
MF: .00155
Sales tax: 7%
Region: South FL

24 months 10k a year

So the issue I’m having is after plugging all of the numbers in along with 7 MSDs, I’m getting an amount that’s $70 lower than the dealership. They quoted me $473 with no down payment. They also listed a $4,500 customer rebate but I don’t know where that gets factored in.

Any help is appreciated.

Automation has a habit of including the incentives in automation price. Try removing it from calculator to see if it matches.

Also ask for base rate MF.

Otherwise Discount seems really high for a car with so low miles

As a side note there are soo many things wrong with that quote but thats the way with these guys

This is where I am at. I’m new to this so there is a solid chance that I am doing something wrong.

What else seems wrong with the quote?

What’s the $4630 listed on their quote under Cash Due, and also the handwritten $38,159.20?

I believe the $4,630 is the MSDs of $3,500 and fees/registration. The handwritten amount is the RV.

What you need to do is in your words, recite what you think the terms are. “Here’s you latest offer as I understand it” and if this is correct, we have a deal"…
Basically, list the lease calc figures that get you that $70 lower monthly in an email. No need to show your math, just make sure you’re inputs are accurate. Let them correct you. They are the ones trying to confuse you with Purchase terms and scant Lease details. Your are essentially making them an offer. (I assume you want to to take the $70 lower offer. If not, adjust your offer accordingly.)

so my big questions for you.

Did you confirm what incentives are? This may vary based on region and im not sure about yours but last I checked for this month it was $3250 for the 5 series, double check on that.

Next you need to find an ol code, that makes at least $20 a month difference and up to $42 a month if you get lucky and they chip $500 more.

Maybe shop outside your region? Florida is pretty tough from experience and others say the same.

I confirmed that the incentives for my region are $2,250 lease bonus and $1k conquest, which match up with Edmunds. As for an OL code, there are no events near me and from my understanding I need to attend the event in order to receive a code. Maybe I’m wrong about that?

I also need to find out base MF. I’m thinking they gave me the post MSD MF.

I will expand and look out of state.

that mf is marked up 10 points, base is .00145, you dont need to attend an event to find an ol code, look at the thread in the share tips/ deals section.

Sometimes shipping a car from another state can save you a good chunk of cash on your monthly.