2019 BMW 530i Loaner $61125 MSRP - $374 Monthly with $374 DAS, 7 MSDs - TEXAS

Loaner BMW 530i with about 3900 miles on it! Texted with sales person back and forth to negotiate all the possible discount and incentives, made two round trips to the dealership, and finally got my very first BMW, great deal IMO, so excited.

Big shout out to my good friend and a great leasehackr himself @wawzj619 to share this incredible forum and guild me through it. Not my first leased car, but definitely my biggest hack yet so far:yum:yum:

2019, BMW, 530i, Convenience Package, Premium Package 2, 19’’ wheels, etc.

MSRP: 61125
Selling Price:46950.20 (23.2 off MSRP before incentives)
Monthly Payment: 373.84
Cash Due at Signing: 373.84
MSD:7 ($2800)
Incentives: $3250 + Sales Tax Credit

Months: 24
Annual Mileage:10000
Residual: 66

Region: Texas
Leasehackr Score: 13.7 years


I am bowing down to you now remotely from Florida :slight_smile: even accounting for the mileage deduction, that discount prior to incentives is fantastic!

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You are paying a lot for only 39 miles a year…:joy::rofl:

Great deal!!

Happy for you my friend! This is a great deal given no loyalty and no OL code. Congrats!! :wink:

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That is a hell of a discount! :+1:

Sweet deal even though they wrung you on the MF.

Congrats!! make sure to post some sweet pictures here and on the trophy garage

How did you land yourself at 23% off?

Jesus. I’m struggling to get over 15% and I’ve called every dealer in the Midwest lol

Tax credits are the only way to go in the Lone Star state!

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Typo。。。:rofl::joy::rofl:I corrected it.lol

I was worried that by the time you got back from your first drive your yearly miles allocation would of been gone :rofl:

Amazing deal!

Hell of a deal! Good work!

Maybe the month of 5 series for Texas. Can’t wait to see more crazier numbers :smile:

Absolute fabulous deal! Enjoy your ride