2019 BMW 530e Service Loaner

2019 530e Service Loaner w/ 4000 miles.
Options: Black Dakota Leather + Convenience Package

I don’t have an OL code, I don’t qualify for loyalty. They were able to apply conquest, and I’m 5 days out of the 24 month window for recent grad rebate.

MF given was .0020 even though I qualify for tier 1 with 800+ credit score.

Cash cap reduction is NOT a selling price discount. That’s the cash YOU are putting down to reduce cap cost.

You need the split of incentives and selling price, but looks like you have a several thousand dollar discount based on the cap cost.


You can get a new one for the same payment.

What’s the mileage, what’s the term?
MF should be .00165. That’s hitting you for ~$25 a month or $900 over 36 months.
Check on conquest if it’s $1k or $2k.
What is line 19?

You’re cash down is:
Total $3873.62
What’s the other $726.38? Not accounted for anywhere, and where’s the acquisition?

Conquest is $1k

Received another quote for a new 2019 with convenience + 19’’ rims
MSRP: 56585
Selling Price: 50585
Conquest: 1000
Lease Incentive: 2500
MF: .00165
DAS: $2100
Tax: 9.5%

581/mo w/ tax included. Calculator is showing $530 w/ tax. Is working down to $500/mo for a 530e wishful thinking or has this been done already? Couldn’t find decent data points with search.

I just closed on an 530e with a 57k sticker with 1.1k drive off + MSDs for $515 tax included. Only had conquest.
You need to push for dealer discount of about 11-12%. BMW Irvine was easily giving away 11% dealer discounts.

You should contact @BMW_Dave. He has a better deal.

Gotcha, thanks for the guidance.

Thanks, I’ll shoot him a text now

Thanks @Jon!

@kaisersoze you definitely will benefit from one of my new 530e deals that is a lower overall cost than both of these scenarios you’ve given. I’m off today and tomorrow but email, text or PM me and we’ll get it all lined up or later this week.