2019 BMW 530e loaner - 3000 cash due 487 per month - good deal?

Hi guys,

I just got this offer from a local dealer. It’s a 2019 BMW 530e loaner with 4400 miles on it. Please rate this offer.

MSRP: 56345
Selling price: 46777
Rebate: 4500
Sale tax: 4220
dealer/dmv/other fee in total: 700
Money factor: 0.00185
MSD: 0

Cash due: 3000
Monthly payment: 487
Term: 3 years 10k per year

I told the dealer I needed 0 down payment he said ok but sent me the offer with 3000 cash due. I will clarify with him again. The dealer said the MF is only for the estimation. But my credit history is short so I don’t expect too much on it.

I appreciate any suggestions!


Check your DM

Finish Line Auto

Not a good deal. Your payment is effectively $570/month with $0 CCR for a $56k MSRP loaner. You should be aiming for something closer to the deal below.

Thank you for the reply. I’ll keep working on it.