2019 BMW 530e lease good or ok?

Need to get a car with carpool sticker. My Current lease expires in 3 month but i am already beyond my allocatedmiles.

Got to dealer and got following quote. I am eligible for CVRP, SoCal EDISON and CCV (will get membership)

With MSD

without MSD

Good, bad or OK?

Looks like 11% off before rebates?

Yes does looks like

A realistic discount indeed but it wouldn’t hurt to push for another 2%. Worst they can do is say no, right?

Guessing 36/10.

I’d be looking at 36/12 for 1% less RV if I were you since you did go slightly over on this last lease.

I talked to 15+ dealerships in California, and none were willing to go more than 11%. Only 1 went to 12% but marked up MF. Maybe his luck would be different.

A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.

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I’ve no idea what that statement means

If you don’t ask, you definitely won’t get what you want.

You don’t get what you don’t ask for.
Remember that every negotiation ends in a sale.

Either we’re sold a reason to buy their product or we sell them a reason why not.

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i actually went thru the hassle of contacting almost every dealership in CA. Only a few were willing to go upto 11%, like I said, as if it was a magic ceiling… :S

Sounds like the ball is in your court then. Branch out further and possibly into flyover country if you feel it’s worth the effort. :slight_smile:

oh I went as far as Portland and Nevada. Then i realized that u can’t get the 1500 CA EV rebate (almost 2.5% worth MSRP)…

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There is a loaner posted now…you lose the CVRP and even without loyalty you may still be $2-3k ahead.

I am in California.

Dang! Could have sworn it was SoCal…never mind. There are multiple threads on here about these loaners…unless you are fixated on getting a new one the loaner option would be much cheaper. See this example:

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Thank you for the mention. These are at 3 series pricing and high in demand

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We are in Cali
We have both new and loaner
Call me or text me tomorrow
Let’s get you into a car