2019 BMW 530e $62k MSRP, $365 + tax w/incentives, $2500 MSD 20 months 26.5K miles remaining

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 530e
The only reason for getting rid of this car is that I’m not driving it at all because of quarantine.
This car was a loaner and had 4350 miles on ODO, before i got it.


  • Convenience
  • Driving assist plus (active cruise control and keep in line)
  • Parking assistance (auto parking, surround view)
  • Executive package
  • Premium package 2 (heads up display, wireless charging)
    Adaptive LED lighting.

Location: CA, Bay Area

Monthly payment (+ tax): $413
Effective payment (with $1000 MDS off): 375

Current mileage: 7000 miles
Effective miles per month: 1200
Maturity date: September, 28 2022

MSD due (if any):2500
Incentive for new lessee (if any): $1000 ($3500 MSD will be returned to you after lease ended)
Financial institution: BMW FS
Transfer fee: $500

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details:
Great condition in overall. Had one minor accident, rear bumper cracked, so it has been changed with all new BMW parts. Carfax doesn’t have this accident on a file.




You should list the pretax payment as that is probably more relevant to most lessees.

i put a pretax value in the post.

Someone asked about accident, here is a photo of the damage.


Please check your Private Message.

Why the pretax payment is important if in this particular case only potential transferee in CA will pay $450/m by the end of this lease. For the rest, out of state it will be $450 + local sales tax. Correct me if I am wrong. Thank You

The next lessee will pay $413 plus their local tax.

Even in CA the tax rate can vary by municipality AFAIK. If you were to pay exactly $450 that would be a coincidence


Bump with $1000 off from MSD

Hey buddy, great payment on a well optioned 530e.

You may want to show the $1000 MSD reduction as an incentive and adjust the monthly effective payment to reflect that. GL

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Thanks for advice.

More photos


Bump it up)

No takers? Have you tried swapalease? Well-optioned, good price, lots of miles… should get attention there. GLWT!

Well, i don’t want to invest into swaplease, maybe i’m wrong here. $449/month is not a lot of money for me, just want to pass it to someone who need it more, because currently it’s just collecting dust) I give it a ride every Monday to the local library and back to drop of and pick up new books for my kids.


For anyone thinking about assuming this please consider the impact such action would have on his kids! Jkjk

This really is a good vehicle, pretty much everything I am looking for, its just roughly 2700 miles away from me. If it was here in Ohio, or close to Ohio, I would have been making him another offer.

Haha, it’s not the only car in my garage) so it would be no impact.

Sorry, i would prefer to transfer it in person and don’t spend time and money for delivery.

Bump it again.

My 330e lease is up soon. Was thinking about the 21 because it’s a few miles better EV-only range but this $1000 incentive and another $1000 from SCE (assuming it’s eligible) brings this down to <$400/mo with tax. Hmmm.