2019 BMW 5 Series 530i xDrive Sedan


Hey guys so i contacted a BMW dealer nearby me to see any deals and basically came to agreement on a 2019 5 series loaner they will take over rest of my 4 months payment…What you guys think? is this bad deal? First time posting here
MSRP of $58,170
selling it $52,993
Down: $2,300 plus plates $75
Monthly $449 with tax same payment same as now on bmw
ODO: 3,327
36m 10k miles

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Monthly payment?

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$449 with tax

Less than 10% total discount on a 5 series loaner? You should be aiming closer to 20%. Use the search function and look around.

It sounds like you are trying to match a payment. Bad strategy.

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Not to mention blindly calling the dealer asking about “deals”.

OP…do you even want a 5 series, or is that what you settled on because the dealer told you it was the best deal?

You should read all the articles on here instead of actively or passively having a dealer hit a payments target for you.

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I do want a bigger car and they tried settle me in a 3 series but i said No but like you guys mentioned I should be trying more and maybe just wait till my lease is over that way they don’t hold the payment over my head

I don’t think those numbers add up. Are you sure it’s not $2300 down payment plus drive-offs? What does the calculator say with the numbers you provided?

wait until you lease is over


Lmaoo man you’re everywhere and i trust you guru discountsales2020 :pray:t4: Stay safe

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lol sorry can’t let anyone get a raw deal in my area
they are just rolling your remaining 3 payments into the lease negating any savings

you too, stay safe and healthy!

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