2019 BMW 430i Coupe Service Loaner 19.86% Discount before rebates SOLD

2019 BMW 430i Coupe
Mineral White Metallic $550
Venetian Beige SensaTec
Sport Line 19" Wheels $900
Convenience Package $1100
Lumber Support
Heated front seats
Active Blind Spot Detection
Driving Assistance Package $500
Harman Kardon Sound System $875
Navigation touch screen
Comfort Access

MSRP $49,720
Dealer Discount $9877
Lease Credit $2500
Loyalty Rebate $2500 Must have a BMW in the household to qualify
Residual 57%
MF 0.00208 (0.00020 dealer markup to give finance a little love)
Miles 4628
Mileage Adjustment $1032
DAS $0
36 months
10k miles per year
$394/month +tax
other available rebate which I didn’t include is College Grad $1000


i3 has great programs. I can help you get an amazing deal on a new i3 and you still get to claim the state rebate and any other federal incentive you might qualify for.

Deal seems pretty good. I thought loyalty is $1,000 only instead of $2,500?

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2500 on 4 series only

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Is it possible to get corporate fleet discount on this car if one does not have loyalty

great deal, are MSDs currently available? Just curious, i haven’t been on top of current BMW programs

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Yep, they brought them back

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Can you post photos here?


Man that loyalty rebate is so fat. I wish I had it.

If it stacks with the OL code and college grad, this is dreamy :drooling_face:

it does stack with college grad and OL

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I’m drooling for whoever does it

what’s the time limit for college grad?

graduated within the last 2 years or graduating within the next 6 months

The car sold.

For future reference, I be happy to provide the break down and please use to calculator to confirm the deal. I will provide anyone who wants to know residual, money factor and any other related information to structure a BMW lease. You can PM with any questions.

Cheers Hackrs