2019 BMW 430 Lease Quote—carfax accident


I’ve been shopping for a 430 lease. The best quote I’ve received is 2 hours from me. I ran a car fax report and it stated:

Accident reported
It hit a deer
Damage to front
Airbag deployed

Damage repairs performed
Repairs to front

Fluids checked
Safety inspection performed

The dealer has not mentioned this. He does not know I know. The quote sheet lists it at new and also with 3,122 miles. Obviously I will test drive before I sign but I won’t go to the dealership until I work out final numbers. Would this deter you from leasing this vehicle?

MSRP $49,935
Selling price $40,372
Incentives $7,000
36 month 12K miles
Residual 56%
MF .00145

Leasehackr score 13 years. Couldn’t get it exact.

Any help/info would be appreciated. He wants me to put $1,000 refundable deposit down. This quote is $22/month better than any other quote I’ve received. Also the color I was looking for.

As long as the car was returned to it’s original condition, an accident like that would not personally deter me from leasing it. However, the accident has affected the cars value and therefore should be considered in the discount off of MSRP. On this car I would shoot for something definitely north of 20% off MSRP prior to rebates. If a shorter term works for you, you may find that a 24 month lease is more favorable as well, especially if you can waive the acquisition fee in exchange for the money factor bump.

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Just keep in mind, if you had any plans to want to own the car down the line, this accident will have an impact on the cars value. You can estimate that negative impact by running the VIN through Carvana. They will already know about the Carfax reported accident and will show the value deduction associated with it in their offer I would guess it is around 5-6% of MSRP. This may not be an exact number for the true loss of value, but it will give you a pretty good idea.