2019 BMW 330XI Lease


Here are the numbers, unsure if this is a good deal or not. I’m in CT.

2019 330XI Alpine White:

  • Black SensaTec
  • Convenience Package
  • Remote Engine Start
  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Park Distance Control
  • Live cockpit pro (incl. navi)

MSRP: $48,350
Discounts: $5,600
Selling Price: $42,750
Residual: 61%
MF: .00150
Fees: $1561.22

$448/mo with fees and 7 security deposits. No other $$ down other than security deposits.

Not bad at all maybe you could push for 1% more off but I think it’s a solid deal if this is a true sign and drive with 0 DAS

I see discount but not rebate.

Also, you’re getting rate jacked at .00185 base MF.

Looks like first payment is DAS so not a true sign and drive

MF is .00150 as shown in original post.

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Yeah…after MSD’s…
Press for .00165/00130

Also. What are the fees?

I’d have to pay first month + put down security deposits + pay fees at signing.

Updated original post – $1561.22 for fees. Didn’t get a breakdown from them yet. But I see destination charge of $995 on sheet they sent me.

Post the sheet?

It’s just the specs on the car… see below.

Shop around with dealers in north NJ and NY north of westChester.

You’re near a competitive market. Take advantage of it.


Try bmw if tenafly

how many miles a yr?

10,000/36mo… because I hardly drive

Is your discount off MSRP pre incentives? If so what incentives do you qualify for. Also as @chrishs2000 has mentioned many times see where your at with a 2 year lease (67% residual) and waive acquistion

If you could insert the numbers properly into the LH Calc it would really help out

Regardless of not seeing the numbers, that appears to be a great price for a new G20. I got quoted 590/month on a 52k build in South Florida. Needless to say, most likely, I will be doing business outside of my state.

They reworked the numbers a little.

Sale Price: $42,713.49
Money down: 7 security deposits + Fees total of $4630.48
Monthly Payment: $435

Post a calculator link

Edit : how did you go from 448 p/no with 0 DAs + MSD

To 4630 DAS+ MSD!!! Sounds like your working the wrong way

The more I read your posts the more confused I get

What is your DUE AT SIGNING? Fees whatever it is what’s the total due at signing Not including MSDs

I was not including the fees in the 0DA, just meant that I was not putting anything down other than the 7 MSDS.

It is not $4630 DAS + MSD. It is fees + MSD = $4630. Fees are $1500~ the rest is MSD.

Calculator link is not 100% as I’m not sure on all of the numbers… selling price includes the $5600 in discounts

Now the 5600 in discounts is that with no incentives included?

And correct your sales tax

You should be at that 11.7% off Msrp before any incentives at least for this to be a decent deal I would say 12%, also make sure you get Base MF (.00165) they are marking it up