2019 BMW 330I xDrive MSRP question

Hello my question is when I start my calculations, when I start with the MSRP, do I just do the MSRP or do put the MSRP with the add ons. I’ll post the picture of the window sticker.

Looking on leasing a used 2019 BMW 330I with around 5000 miles on it and don’t want the dealer to do me dirty. What I read the selling price should be 15-18% of the MSRP.

the MSRP in this case is $48185.

Is this vehicle USED or is this vehicle a DEMO/LOANER.

There is a huge difference when it comes to talking about a lease.

It was used as a corporate fleet

Generally dealers cannot lease a demo/used BMW after 5000 miles because they lose all incentives from BMW on it. Those usually end up being sold as highly discounted CPO cars. Maybe corporate fleet changes things. If you haven’t, I would recommend you talk to the dealer to verify you can indeed lease this car.