2019 BMW 330i xdrive Lease

BMW 330i xdrive Mediterranean Blue/Canberra Beige Sensatec. Convenience package with navigation, heated steering and ambient lighting.

MSRP: $49,335
Selling price: $45,375
36 month/15,000 miles
Rebates: $1000
Lease end value: $28,614
Residual: 58%
MF: 0.00145
Total Tax Window: $1907.74

Monthly Payment: $543.63

Amount Due upfront: $3,766.37

I’m going to be moving to Delaware in 2 weeks and the sales guy said it’s cheaper for you to lease from here since DE charges 4.25% of selling price which is more than NY.

BMW manhattan. Is this a good deal?

Please stop posting this exact same post in every single BMW thread you can find. That is incredibly annoying and I don’t understand why you are doing it. I’ve made a new thread for you.

For comparison paying $16 more per month for 61K MSRP and it’s a 2020 m340 with much less room right now. Reach out to more dealers or honestly go with a broker if you’ve been striking out. Lots of options to save $ on the 330s. For specifics: dealer discount is way too low, shoot for 12% as a pretty good medium. Try to find an OL code for additional $ off. Also don’t ever rely on your “sale guy” for tax advice. Do the research before buying. He’s trying to make a sale, your job is to purchase with eyes wide open and from a place of knowledge.

This is the basic 2019 bmw 330i xdrive in NJ with convenience package and ambient lighting

MSRP: 46345
Selling price: 41398
Residual: 58%
MF: 0.00145
Rebates: $2000 loyalty + $1000 lease credit

Dealer Doc fee: 600
Acq: 925
Delaware dmv fee: 250
First month: 465

Monthly payment with taxes: $465


unfortunately sales guy is right about tax implications he will pay 4.25% on sales price plus 2% monthly usage fee.

Discount before incentives is 10% tell them to get you to 40k flat before incentives and you’re doing well.

I had a problem when I leased in PA right before moving to FL. I didn’t have a FL driver’s license yet, so they had to register it in PA. When I went to the FL DMV with the pink temporary registration paper, they wouldn’t transfer it until I got the permanent registration. The problem was, PA won’t send the registration to a FL address, and if they sent it to my old PA address, the post office isn’t supposed to forward it. I was really in a pickle, until somehow the thing was forwarded to me by the post office, thank God. So check that out if you lease the car before you move.