2019 BMW 330i (New)

Below is the quote that I got for a new 330i in SoCal. Rebates include lease incentive, loyalty and college grad. The car has convenience package, live cockpit and parking assistance.

I have couple OL codes but the dealer does not accept it, even it’s not dealer specific and states “your local dealer” on it.

I’m targeting $400, do you think any more money left on this deal or $400 is impossible? Quoted discount is 13.3%. Also remaining 3 payments on current lease ($250 each) are rolled in to the deal.


Send that offer to other dealers and have them beat it, then present the OL code. Also join the BMW CCA and save a bit of money via the rebate.

I currently got another vehicle and submitted the application for the CCA rebate. Can I get it for the second one as well?

I tried another dealer to beat that, but they won’t budge from the same monthly payment.

Considering that’s at 15k miles and with payments rolled in, that’s really good imo. Is that cash down a cap reduction or just cash due at signing?

Why not put it into MSDs instead so you don’t lose it if the car gets totaled.

1 rebate per calendar year

I asked for cash due at signing only and they put an average number, not an exact amount. I don’t think there’s ccr, but if it should be minimal.

You can close this topic, signed another vehicle.