2019 BMW 330i M Pack about 3k miles $499 w/Tax. Is this good deal?



Is this good deal? I asked for MF and residual and still waiting for them to get back to me.

Also, my manager just told me that my company has corporate sales incentive with BMW.
" BMW Pre-Owned, BMW Company Vehicles, Extended Test Drive, Retired Service Loaners, and previously reported vehicles with 5,000 or more miles are not eligible with the Lease or Finance incentive."
I’m not sure if this is something they will honor…but for 3 series, it is 2000 and if this is honored, I think it is good deal.

What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance!

I just got my 2020 BMW 330i M Pack with 3k miles at $417/mo w/tax soooooo I’d have to say no!

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However, my MSRP was 48K, so yours definitely has more features, I’d say not too bad but definitely push for more.

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WOW 2020!! That is nice! Should I just tell them to lower the selling price?

What is StarGard ?

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It’s when the dealer turns your money into profit.


Its a little high…I was getting lower 400s with $1000 down



I wouldn’t buy it just because of that.

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It’s over 22% discount before incentives. I don’t know how much more you can expect. They probably have marked up the money factor. But as long as they are not gouging you on the money factor I don’t know how much cheaper you can expect. The tax is the killer in this deal. I’m in Texas so I know how the sales tax can add a lot of $$$ to your monthly.

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