2019 bmw 330i loaner lease offer - deal check


Got offered this deal a couple days back, they don’t seem to want to budge anymore. Seems to be pretty decent to me but wanted to get advice from all the pro leasehackrs here. Is it worth giving up on a 4-series loaner to take it?

Yes worth it. Grab it if their numbers match.

Seems pretty good. I got a similar deal at 19% off before incentives but with inflated MF.

@sv4sky did you end up signing? You should make a post about yours.

@optuna Not yet. The dealer wanted 0.00185 MF. I am a little hesitant as the car does not come with M Sports.

TBH at that percentage discount the point markup is pretty much negated but feel free to press harder if you feel they’ll go for it.

Their numbers are very close to the calculator. A couple things that don’t match with the calculator are residual value (their residual value is slightly lower, not sure if it’s just because the actual mileage is different than what is listed on their website) and the actual minimum drive-off amount (going to ask when I go in what the fees include for it).

Any advice for figuring out these two discrepancies?

edit: I used the power of searching on these forums to find the residual hit should (current miles) - 500 *. 25. I’m assuming this hasn’t changed so will confirm that it is correct. Also their drive-offs included $85 doc fee I’m guessing (though it isn’t itemized on the sheet I got) so it wasn’t showing up in the leasehackr calculator (I figured out dealer fees in it by putting in numbers until the payments matched).

46K BMW 330i with $354 per month and low DAS seems good to me.


I’m seeing two different things on the forum now. Wondering if residual reduction for BMW changed recently? One thread says .25 for every mile over 500. Another comment in another thread (and what the dealer is telling me) is that it’s .25 for every mile and cars with fewer than 300 miles take no residual hit.

.25/mile over 300mi AFAIK.

@optuna Did you end up signing this deal? Where was the dealer located?

please share the same info with me…
I am looking for something like this in NYC
with such DAS and mid 300’s… cant go wrong :slight_smile: