2019 BMW 330i Demo

Hey folks, how much % off MSRP is considering good for a 2019 BMW 330i with mile between 900-1000?

13% is a good start.

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I just got 9.5% off on a new 2019 330i x drive with MSRP 57400

Crazy to think you can load down a base engine 3 series by 50+% just in options.

Do you want to share your calculator link?:smiley:

Thanks, sounds like I can try to push to 15% or more?:joy:

No shame in trying but be ready to face rejection.

Depends on the area and also the dealer.

My first try, they only want provide about 9% off, lol

I agree, and I’m not good at this at all

On new this isn’t a bad initial offer. On a demo this is pretty poor and if the OP car still in question id expect 13% or better.