2019 BMW 3 series?

Does anyone know when the 3 series 2019 models arrive? I am assuming you can get a better deal on the 2018 models when that happens?

The first question you can easily google.

The second question has been asked and answered a million times on the forum. Just because the selling price goes down on an outgoing model doesn’t necessarily mean the other moving pieces (RV, MF, rebates, etc) will align for a better deal.

Thanks! I did google the first question… I could only find the vague answer of “mid year” which is technically now. I did not know if there is a specific date like June 15th or July 15th etc.

It almost doesn’t matter. For the purposes of leasing, all that matters is if or when BMWFS decides to throw money at the 18s. It could happen in, say, Feb 2019 or may never happen at all.

Thank you! I won’t worry about it then!