2019 BMW 3 Series Theoretical Offer

Hi fellow leashackrs,

I am fairly new to this platform after finding it from reddit and just have to say what a wonderful community this is!

I have a theoretical price calculation for research into the near future based on a 2019 BMW 3 Series. 2020 would work too but of course, the numbers would be a little higher because it is the newer car.

Car Specs Include: MSport, XDrive, Premium Package and some misc stuff.

MSRP: $56470
Invoice (Calculated from costco auto): $53135.

In the calculator, this was about 5.9% off msrp. On average market where I am, it is about 7.2%. So in the calculator I put in 7%. The taxed incentive of $1000 is for the college grad. I am not too sure on the exact MF or Residual value. (makes sense since I have no car to compare the numbers to).

The rest of the details are in the calculator. My question to all is if this was to be a deal that was available, would it be pretty decent?

EDIT: Updated Link with previous missing information. I am asking for advice and direction. I have exhausted the search but have found little information on what is a “good” deal. I am still new to this.

LH Calculator Estimation

No, that would not be a good deal. You are also missing 1750 lease credit and conquest incentives. Also think residual should be 61% and MF is incorrect. Also, why 5 MSD?

Welcome… I strongly recommend you read some faq and check out some other deals on the 330i that others have shared. This would give you all the answers to your questions and more

You will be crucified here if you don’t do your homework.

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Welcome to LH, but why make your 1st post about a theoretical deal? Go read thoroughly thru the Leasing 101 section, and come back and post when you have an actual dealer offer in hand. Right now, your post is a complete waste of time, and not something the LH community will actively engage on. I would recommend this thread be closed, based on it containing nothing we can actually help evaluate!


Guessing on MF and RV and having no idea on target discount when every other thread on this forum is BMW 3 series? :man_facepalming: you’re a car salesman’s wet dream.


@chrishs2000 this thread should be closed as it stands. It’s not what LH as a community can help with.

Meh I’m in it for the :popcorn:

Residual Value is based on local offer calculation on my dealer website.

I did 5 MSD because I copy and pasted from the down payment before. Oops.

I wasn’t sure if conquest can be used in conjunction with college graduate. But it seems by your answer it can.

Of course. Why would I go to a dealer without that information. Hence the reason of theoretical. I have exhausted the forums but very few pertain to Nevada. Some of the Cali dealers don’t even do out of state so there isn’t much of a point to research those deals extensively. Many are also not XDrive with the above MSRP. I know is that the higher the LH score is, the better the deal.

RV is based on the calculated costs from the dealer website which is why I don’t have exact.

Target discount is 7% off msrp which is the calculated average in my area on how much they save.

That is not the average discount on LH that is for sure. Use the search function.

False not always

Read faq and you’ll know where to find this information. If you relying on a salesman to give you correct numbers then you deserve to be screwed


Okay. Seems I am not clear at all.

  1. I assume LH discount average can be applicable to any state. I am just saying that 7% was average in my area. Which was calculated on TrueCar.

  2. I should have specified that this is according to the info icon.

  3. I am no relying on any salesman. RV is around 60-62% from what I can find. The MF I am finding is about 3.98%.

~1% tax inclusive should be your aim on this with first payment DAS.


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I have updated and merged a new link based on 2 answers I have received.

Thank you for those answers. The point of this post was to help me get an estimate of what I should want to expect in an ideal scenario. So by the time I start, I have a reference and armed with information.

LH Calculator Estimate

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Ok I am going to help you out here. Read way more stuff on the forum… I didn’t know squat about leasing and still have not pulled the trigger but I read this for fun every day…

Ok now go to Edmunds and that’s where you get the RV, MF, and incentives for your zip. You post on their forum and someone will post the information there. Make an account and bookmark the thread to get an email. Note that these numbers are car specific and change every month.

On new 330s you will see folks on this forum getting at least 10% off before incentives and on loaners that is a lot higher.

Read through the share deals and tips for any model you’re interested in and even others. Lots you can learn… once folks see your read time up and you show basic understanding of how leases work (everything is here, you have to do the work) people will help you.


Oh dear, not this stupid “1% rule” again


Point out where it says “rule” anywhere in my post?

While it’s unfortunate that a maligned but often flawed point of reference happens to be a workable yet still aggressive number, here we are.

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The problem is a stopped clock is right twice a day. 1% may be appropriate on a 3 series (although this will vary depending on incentives one qualifies for, regions, etc), but what’s worse is the people that will read threads like this, see someone that knows what they’re talking about referencing 1%, and then try to apply it to every other situation.

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Odd how before you became a broker every BMW was supposed to be 20% off. Now expectations are mighty tempered, all the way down to the “1% rule” :thinking:


It doesn’t even take this much work and slightly misleading. BMW MF and RV is national, there’s several marketplace threads you can pull a calculator with the correct numbers straight off of. Not to mention about 100 threads this month in this forum. BMWUSA website has all incentives for the dealer zip.


I’ve done enough of these to know where most okay, good, and great deals wind up and it’s all relative. It also depends what your definition of 1% is. Before Tax, Tags, Doc, Bank?

Inclusive of? (This is my personal definition)