2019 Audi S5 Sportback Premium Plus! $630/month + $3k DAS! MSRP $63k!


So what’s your advice? Looking at the luxury brands as well, but simply put…NOTHING is leasing well.

Research the forum, see what deals are being reported by members or offered by brokers. If nothing appeals, extend your lease or buy the car out and sell it down the road when you find a deal that works for you.

That’s why so many people have switched to financing instead


Well at least you’re asking for help.

NEVER hold a leased car out of warranty. Especially a POS. So then you’re either going to need an extended warranty or you’re going to need to limit your lease term to the warranty term, which would be 36k miles on a jeep.

NEVER put a “down payment” aka capitalized cost reduction on a lease. This is leasing 101. You are potentually flushing money down the drain if anything happens to that leased car at any time before lease end. You want to put as little as possible out of pocket on a lease. Right now interest rates are high so this makes wrapping fees into the lease way less appealing.

You are correct, nothing is leasing well right now.

If you are dead set on the Jeep, get the biggest discount you can after shopping around every broker and dealer you can find. Then find the lowest interest rate you can and finance it. Then before the warranty runs out, get an extended warranty from the dealer for another $3k.

As for buying a GC for $66k, I really don’t know what to say to that. There are many, many other SUVs I would buy for $66k before a JGC.

You are getting 5k but posting here for 3k. LMAO

This is not true.

The entire $5,000 is not at risk for the entire term of the lease, you recapture 1/X (where X = lease term in months) of the benefit from the CCR every month in the form of a lower payment prior to a catastrophic event.

Plus right now a FMV settlement on a used car may net the same as (or more than) the car cost new.

On another note, virtually no one totals a vehicle that they’ll only drive for 20,000-45,000 miles.

Except all the people on this site who have.

Who has totaled a car every three years?

Oh you didn’t say every three years. Plenty of people do it once during a lease though.

There is no point having any fraction of money at risk that doesn’t need to be. Yes lose 1/36th of the risk per month or whatever the duration is but there is no real reason to burden any kind of risk unless you derive some sort of benefit from it.

Anyone know where I could get a solid deal on a 2022 MB C300 4MATIC? The lease deals on that vehicle don’t seem terrible.

You’re going to pay more than the S5 for an inferior vehicle, wouldn’t bother. there are no lease deals on the new c300.

It’s much nicer on the inside though!

Were you able to sit in one? I’m guessing it looks cooler but I can’t imagine the build quality even comes close. The last Merc i sat in (a 2021 C43 sedan) had such a crappy plastic interior for the price

I’m closing this thread as you’ve decided not to sell the vehicle. Please open a new thread in the correct category with your other questions

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