2019 Audi S4 P+ HELP!

Im working on a lease deal on a 2019 Audi s4… I brought the dealer down to 3000 down and 500/mo with tax. However he ended up making a mistake on the initial quote since he forgot to include the acquisition fee so he is throwing in the Audi term care for free ($1200) value. I will also add Audi care which adds an additional 13$. So $513 total with Audi care and term care. I was also thinking of purchasing lease protection for an addditonal $1600, is it even worth it?

MSRP: 58,345
Selling price: 51,000
MF: 0.00005
Residual: 51%
Down: $3000 cash
MSD: $4500
$500/mo + $13 for Audi care

This is my first lease so idk what to expect, I asked another local Audi dealer if they can beat it they said they couldn’t as the price was already “aggressive”

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I’m not familiar with Audi’s currently but you shouldn’t be putting any money down. This is effectively just shy of 600/month. Can’t comment on the others. As a general note, the residual is low and the money factor is high, so this will be a tough nut to crack.

Is the money factor high still? I put down the security deposits to bring it down.

Don’t put $3k down! That’s seriously the first rule of leasing. You are at $576 for a mid trim S4. That’s solid. You are at 1%. Sign.

Lease protection is literally lighting $1600 on fire. No. Notably with Audi, it only cover single incident damage under $1k. It prepaying $1600 to maybe save $300-400 you might be charged for scratches, but probably won’t be charged for.

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Agreed. The deal is solid, just re-shuffle the DAS and roll into monthly.

Then tell them you don’t want the extra package and they need to sharpen their pencil a bit.