2019 Audi S4 Lease Help

Hello, everyone. I am on my way to get my first car and want to get a 2019 Audi S4 and this is dealer’s initial offer:

MSRP: $60,940
Sales Price: $58,404
Residual value (51%): $31,079
MF: 0.00019 (which gives 0.456% when multiplied by 2,400, for some reason?)
Term, Mileage: 36/10k
Monthly payment: $898
DAS: $2,700 (1st month payment $898, lease acquisition fee $895, capitalized cost reduction $38, estimated registration and fees $773, 9.5% tax $97)
Disposition fee: $495

I realize that the selling price he offers is extremely high. He agreed to reduce it to $50,000. Curious to hear your opinion. Can I go lower than $50,000, considering the car is a 2019 model, and 2020 S4 is an updated version. I can also make a $7,500 down payment, should I ?

Thank you for your time. Please let me know if more information is needed for a better judgement.

There’s so much here that you need to get up to speed on. Suggest you keep reading, leasing 101 articles and faqs, and get yourself a basic understanding as you likely won’t understand the advice given. Regarding your “deal” even with the additional 8k discount, you’d pay 28k over the term. Which is terrible with a capital T.

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Wow, I am actually excited that there is so much more room to go, thanks for the feedback. I will do my reading over the weekend, and I’d highly appreciate if you still gave me some advice. Thanks!

More like $25k over the term. I wouldn’t say that is terrible for an S4, and I also doubt you have “so much more room to go.” But reading up here and looking at other S4 deals will help you figure that out.

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Wow my first car was a beat up Ford Taurus congrats. There is a heavily refreshed model coming out for 2020 you should be able to get a deep discount for any remaining 2019s. Have you seen the new model? You may want to wait.

Like others have said. Do some more research. There’s a lot of meat left there.

I just leased the same car on Friday morning (same MSRP) for sub $600. My RV was 52 (Audi Care) and .00019 MF. $0 money down, just $2,400 in fees, first month, tax.

18% off is a really good deal for a new Audi, so there is not much, if any meat left on the bone. And right now he has a similar deal to you. $585/mo with $2700 DAS.

At first look, very bad deal. $900 a month for a year old car with 2k discount? now if they do drop it to 50k, thats better. But do NOT put any money down. As others have said, please read leasing 101 first!

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Edit: helps if I read the whole post

Thank God I started a topic here and thank you everyone for helping out. Here is what I found out: there is $4,500 dealer market allowance on this specific car in my area.
So I guess 20% off the MSRP before incentive and then -$4,500 will bring the value down to $44,250. Am I right?

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100% they are already using the dealer allowance in the discount already since it does not have to be disclosed. You can try and get 20% off plus another $4500 but I don’t think that will ever happen. I would push for 20% off but I would be happy at 18%.

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I am just wondering what did some fellas in this topic mean when they said there is a lot more to go.

If I manage to get $48,000, then monthly payment $550 (less than 1% of MSRP) and total cost $21,300. What are you thoughts on this?

This is irrelevant.


People did not read your entire post where you mention they adjusted the price to $50,000.

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Guilty as charged

I leased a 2019 S4 in November $63k MSRP (taxes & fees in NY 6.825tax was $3.8k) my monthly is $503 for 39months.
November had very limited 2019 S4’s left not sure how many more are out there but I think you can 100% get a way better deal. I contacted about 20 dealers to obtain this price. Some were at $900+ per month. About 3 were all around the same price and choose the vehicle most equipped to my liking and went from there. Good luck. If you are in tri state area I will be happy to pass along some good dealers to work with.

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I was getting offers for Audi S4 last month with MSRP about 61k, for $750-775 per month 0 down.

Please do not put any money down on a lease and do not pay anything out of pocket except for title/registration, doc fee and first month payment.

Money factor for S4 is low this January. I think the best you can get on this car is 50k selling price, if they’re desperate maybe more, but I don’t think so. The payment you should aim for is about $700 max.


Another dealership gave me following:

MSRP: $62,090
Retail price: $50,750 (I suppose they did 11-12% discount + applied $4,500 market allowance)
RV: 50%
MF: 0.00019

Seems hard to push further than that. What do you think?

By the way, I am planning to enroll in Audi Foreign Business Professionals Program as a non-citizen who is here on work visa. Some dealerships told me that the program locks me in Tier 2, others said it’s gonna be either Tier 6 or even Tier 7. Does anyone have ideas on this?

I’d stop talking numbers with dealers until you have the answer to this so you actually know where you’re starting.

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It depends on if you have previous credit history in the US. When I worked for Audi a few years ago, it was tier 2 with no credit history. Also make sure your work visa is good through the end of the lease. If it ends before 3 years, Audi will not lease the car to you for that term.

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