2019 Audi Q7 premium lease, a good deal?


Just see the screenshot,$3000 down payment ,monthly payment to be $639.98, out the door all fees included, CA, Is it a good deal?

Nope. Talk to @DonnyAudi or @Samaudibh


Already sent a PM!

Hi Donny, I’m also interested in this and also SQ5/Q8 if you have any available can you send me some numbers please? Thank you for your help!

Discount isn’t bad, but no rebates really hurts the deal.

I can’t tell if they are using the base Mf. You can improve the deal by using msd.

One of the Audi dealers here mentioned in another thread that they discontinued a bunch of manufacturer incentives for June.

That means you likely won’t do much better this month.

.00121 is buy rate
Only rebate available is loyalty $750.

MSD’s + a larger discount will be needed.

Please call or Text me at 949-222-1010

Or @IvanAudi