2019 Audi Q7 P+ Misadventures

So I’ve been looking for a luxury 3 row and have now inquired about several cars including the Q7, MDX, and GLS. Wife who will DD this car, a pair of car seats included, likes the Q7 best.

I have been chasing a deal on 2019 and not finding good luck. The most recent transaction was:

2019 Audi Q7 premium plus 3.0t
MSRP: 67,905
Sales Price: 61,905 (including maintenance package)
MF: .00174 (.00129 after 9 MSD - I was told this is max)
Residual: 57%
Monthly including 6% tax:$844
Drive offs are minimal: first month +355 fees

I tried to close at sales price of 59000 including maintenance but they declined. Am I asking too much off for this car. Audi currently has 3000 in incentives and really looking to pull this in for ~$750/month.

I am hoping to hear if I’m on the wrong track, that this isn’t doable, or keep plugging, this deal is reasonable.

Long time stalker on this website and really appreciate the insight and advice provided.

Where are you located and are there any 2018 in your area?

Cincinnati area. Some 2018 but in prestige trim. Calling on expanded geography tomorrow. 2019 really only features wireless charging benefit and 2018 does have lower base MF at .00150 but low inventory.

I’ve heard anecdotally that the Chicago market is very competitive and aggressive. Are you able to fly out there and drive a car home?

Your offer on the table is way too high.