2019 Audi Q7 2.0T Premium - $549 pm. Good deal?

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I am newbie here and on lease matters but got this offer and seemed too good to me initially. Already lease another Audi from the dealer and they are making the final remaining payment (one month). I don’t have all the figures (left ? below wherever I don’t know) so please pardon the lack of details but I have tried to back-calculate using the leasehackr calculator and I can’t really make it out to be a great deal or an okay/bad deal.

**MSRP: $58,545
**Selling Price: $48,713
**Monthly Payment: $549
**Cash Due at Signing: $4,000 (only first month+tax+title+bank+admin+dmv fee)

**Annual Mileage:10k


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Are you sure this if for 10K miles? I have this same quote for 7500 Miles. and for what its worth, you can get the P+ car for 640$ with taxes in payments. PM Me ill give you the brokers name in Brooklyn

What if he’s not looking to spend an extra 100 a month?

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I dont understand where the 100$ calculation comes in to play ? what part of what I posted costs 100$ more?

If his monthly was 549 a month and yours is 640 a month. That’s a 91 dollar difference.

Now, I don’t know if his initial offer for a premium included taxes on that monthly or if that monthly was pre-tax which could be a huge difference.

I see what u mean, I mentioned that the p+ car can be had for 640 with taxes. His fees included upfront taxes which. 549 plus nys tax is 600 on this car. For 40$ more can get a p+ car.

Thank you both for the comments. Yes, this is for 10k miles. StingerTT is correct in that I don’t really want to spend anything additional. Also, this dealer is making the remaining final payment on my older car on lease which the Brooklyn broker likely won’t. This car has the convenience package which brings it close to P+. I would have loved virtual cockpit though but not spending ~50 additional for that and the hassle of negotiating again.

How would you guys rate this deal??

i like the deal, its solid. the Q7 doesnt lease for a lot less.

That’s about right, I recently got a Q7 7.5k/3yr in CA for $515/mo, with about the same upfront

Thank you all. Reading other threads here, I understand that it is recommends to get AudiCare. Do you guys agree? How much does it cost? I am sure the finance manager will try to up sell it to me at the time of delivery. I also liked the plastic lamination they did for me in the previous car but it cost about ~700-800.

With your 39/10 lease, you’ll need to get it serviced twice before turn in, and up to two more I believe if you buy the car. Getting it upfront covers about half the cost. If you have a reputable local repair shop who can mimic the Audi service, you may save $100-200 on the relatively simple service, but you’re really paying for that comfy Audi waiting room, car wash and the access to the loaner, in addition to knowing the Audi dealer is legit

What was MSRP?

It was around 56,700

Anyone know how I can get a similar deal in California?

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