2019 Audi Q5 Premium - decent deal?

Hi all! New to leasing so trying to assess my deal… any help is great!

MSRP: $47,625
Selling Price: $41,862
Gross Cap: $43,565
MF: .0009
Residual: 50% - seems low?
Terms: 36 mo/ 10k miles per year

Payments quoted at 600/month with 0$ down and max security deposits (10).

Is this reasonable?

Just for a reference point. My soon expiring 2016 Q50 premium lease was $15,000 total all-in 12k miles. I’d be shooting for at least $16,000 total. Yours looks like around $22,000 with taxes?

Plenty of room for improvement

Thanks! So negotiate further on the Selling price? Or on the other factors?

Found it odd the Residual was so low… but this appears to be set by manufacturer?

There are better guys to ask out here, and much better deals out here than my old one. Your deal says 36 months. I thought most INFINITI deals were 39 months? I’d try to keep it under $380 /month 39 months No money down.

A Q5 is an Audi product, not Infiniti.

He’s talking Audi you’re talking Infiniti. OP no that’s not a good deal. What part of the country are you in? It looks like they put the Summer of Audi rebate in the discount. Aim for 14%+ before the rebate.

my bad. sorry small cell phone screen


Thanks @26-2 … yes, the Summer of Audi 1K off is in there as part of the discount. This is in Colorado.

You think the discounted price is still too high at 12% off MSRP?

You need to get more details. MF should be .00054. Also the RV looks low, are you sure it’s not 51%?

Use my calculator on my Q5 deal to work the numbers. My RV was much higher (55%) but I also didn’t get a lower MF or the $1K Summer of Audi.

Is that MF set by Audi or based on an individual? I was just quoted .0009 without giving any credit check kind of info…

The RV the dealer quoted me was 50% which I thought seemed weird. Isn’t this set by Audi too?

Both are set by Audi but dealer can markup MF. They have to use the correct RV. Head over here and ask what RV and MF should be for your zip code.

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RV should be 52% and MF .00054 … interesting.