2019 Audi Q5 I Premium Plus I 36/39 12k I $0 down l

Thinking about pulling the trigger here. I’m new to the forum so I wanted to get tips from the pros if I’m being heavily taken advantage here.

I’ve attached the proposal from SoCal Audi.


That doesn’t seem to be a lease deal sheet…

Haha just fixed it

If you’re in socal, you should be reaching out to @AudiGuan…this looks terrible - $740/month for a 54k car?

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That’s why I’m here. Much appreciated.

My friend leased one for 15k mi. On. $48k Q5 for $480/mo. With tax included. 1.5k down. Some dealers does it a bit lower here in SoCal. The car ur looking at is $54k. Though what you were quoted is too high. Bad deal.

OP Terrible deal - just for that insult of a deal, you should boycott this dealer and Audis in general (read the threads about total loss for Audis). Get a BMW X5 instead :slight_smile:

Yeah… why not… and we should only be getting bmw’s just because you like them ? I personally leased a lot of Audi’s and just returned a bmw lease for another Audi and I can tell you, Audi is just on another level.
I agree he doesn’t have a good offer on the table but with a little negotiation he should be getting a decent deal. Here is SoCal with that msrp you should easily be able to get it for $550 a month,12k, 36 months with $1500-2000 drive off

That deal is horrendous. Kudos for doing research before signing.

I find bmw/mercedes to be leaps and bounds ahead of Audi in almost every review tbh(well in performance vehicles) I agree what you drive is your preference but I don’t know why you would say audi is on another level.


let’s be clear, bmw and mercs are great cars, it is just my personal driving experience. I do not put my cars on the track so not experience there. I do just frwy driving and city traffic (Los Angeles area), about 15k per year.
I find bwm very cheap built (my latest was a 2016 435 coupe with m performance,) also had 330 and 335 before.
My latest merc was a e350 and a glk, i found them very boring to drive and not too comfortable (maybe just my body… who knows. Right now I am very happy with my S6 and my wife with SQ5, I even have a Q5 just for work… In a couple of months I will be in the market again because the S6 lease is up, so who knows what I will be driving… I will try again the latest bmw and mercs but it will be hard…
Also, I try not to pay attention to the media test drives, they may have an agenda… Audi included…
Again just my personal driving experience.

As someone who has sold BMW and Audi (and owned 2 Audis), Audi is a very nice brand but BMW is better in almost every measure across almost every model. The only Audi I would prefer is the R8 over the i8 and the A5/S5 until the new 4 series is released.

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personal preferences I get it, the bmw has always been a harsh ride imo and typically quieter engines, hence I prefer amg and mb in general.

The cars you compared to an s6 would be extremely boring, you would have to jump up to an m4 or m5 to see the difference and get a better comparison, I looked at the sq5 as well, it’s very peppy but still slower than an x3m, x5 5.0, no doubt audi has unique interior and exterior styling their headlight designs are my favorite and among the best in class but I find their deviation away from v8s to be a huge turn off.

The S6 competes against the M550 and the SQ5 competes against the X3 M40i. The X5 is more inline with a Q8 (X6 is closer) and the M4/M5 will be a RS5/RS6 or RS7.

agree with you on the deviation from the v8, I just don’t understand it. Maybe I should have give you more info on the audi’ s i have leased i. the past 20 years… I had in the household between me, wife, son and daughter: 2 A3, 2 A4, 3 Q5 ,1 A5, 1 S3, 2 S4, 2 S5, 2 A6, 2 A7 and 2 A8. So I think I can comments also on the non high end.
Again just my personal choice, I am not married with Audi, I can jump anytime to bmw or mercs if I feel they have a better product

married or not you have an affinity for audi, nothing wrong with it, I prefer mb to both but am currently leasing a 5 series for the steal I got. I honestly don’t understand it either but I think it’s a fuel mpg issue.

Of note, amg is having to quiet their exhausts and add more restrictions due to euro laws.

that’s a good point, actually.

Even so the s6 is dropping 0-60 in the mid 4s and the m5550 is high 3s, the rs cars are mid to high 3s while the awd 63 amgs and the M5 are low 3s possibly high 2s on a drag strip with radials, the new m3/m4 should be around mid 3s. I think there’s a huge disconnect somewhere in the numbers, vw should be producing rockets seeing as they have porsche and lamborghini to base powertrains off of, really baffles me.

550 a month after tax for 12/36? With no money down? I can’t find that deal anywhere in socal

I pretty much got that for my daughter last month, msrp 53300, 36 months, 15k, $580 a month, $2000 DAS,+ free
shipping from LA to Colorado where she lives.

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I should have said: Included shipping… I know, it was not free…