2019 Audi Q3 Lease Offer

Hi all,

First time post and looking for feedback for the new Audi Q3. Went to multiple dealerships for my girlfriend and some of the numbers look way too high for me since it just came out. Any insight on what a modest deal would be? Please let me know!

MSRP: $38,040
Tax: $1,622 or 7%
Bank acq fee: $895
Dealer State Fees: $1620
Incentives: $500
Residual: $22,063 (.58)
Miles: 12k/year
Money factor: .00215

This was our first day of discussion and I received an additional $750 off, bringing it to roughly $575 for 39 months with $2685 down. All numbers still seem too high to me and I’d like to be around $450-$470/month. Is this going to be doable?

Thanks for looking and any help!

Have you confirmed on edmunds if that’s the base MF? There is no dealer discount or incentives applied. Search for incentives on the Q3, it may be a new body style, but it’s one of Audi’s most mass produced cars and it’s a sub compact cross over. Nothing special about it at all.

You need about 4K/5k dealer discount and lower MF to make this a reasonable deal.

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This wont be discounted much if at all for the first while. I sent a PM to the OP To assist with his options.

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That’s a shame. The Q3 really isn’t anything special compared to what preceded it. It’s definitely more attractive though.

It’s a neat car, interior looks great. Residual’s are pretty high, so we will see how it leases in the future!

It definitely is a neat little car, I just think this dealer should be embarrassed for asking this much money for it. Not a lot bang for buck.

Hopefully you can help OP out!

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I almost want to wait a month to see if anything changes but judging from what the dealers have told me it may take 6 months before any movement, if they are being honest that is.

Nothing’s for sure. I wouldn’t say they are wrong… time will tell. This is a very popular car that is affordable compared to most in the line up.

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$575 for 39 months and $2685 down is a net effective $643 a month for the Q3. Looks like a neat car, but holy crap that’s steep!

Not much bang for the buck indeed.

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I’m no lease expert but that seems REAL high. We leased a 2018 Q5 Premium Plus MSRP $49K last November. $500 per month 36 months/12K per year, $900 drive out, which included the first month payment.

My personal rule of thumb is that for a $40K car, I am unwilling to ever pay more than $500 per month with no money down on a 36 month/12K lease.

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I got a 2019 SQ5 for 36 months at 15,000 miles a year with AudiCare for 599 (MSRP 62XXX, Discounted to 52XXX). And I didn’t put that much down.

I would explore additional options, maybe Q5 unless youre set on the Q3 then youll have to pay since its such a new SUV.

Have you looked at an BMW X1, theyre nice and can get a decent deal on those?

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help me if below is good lease deal for 2019 Audi Q3 2.0T quattro Premium Plus S

MSRP : $41,040
Final Sale Price Excluding Tax : $36,172
Lease : 36/10
Monthly Payment: 418 including tax
Down payment: 3000$ including everything (vehicle reg, first month etc)
Residual: 61 % (25,046 $)

I’m on my 8th Audi and currently have a '18 Q5 P+ and I have to admit I am disappointed with the new Q3. Worse gas mileage, less power, no ventilated seats option and the interior feels cheap to me compared to the Q5. Wireless charging and maybe some nice ext colors are about the only thing that excites me on it. *Would guess you could get about 5-8% off even with it being new…wait a few months and 10% should be no problem.

Seems to only be a $500 incentive on the car so 12% off seems ok given how new the car is. Do you know the breakdown of the fees vs the $3k? I’m guessing there is some cap cost reduction money in there.

Do you know the money factor? Are there any invents you’re being offered?

If only 500 then the amount off is good and are you doing MAD which will lower your payment?

The Q3 is nice with the new infotainment screen!

Thanks for above replies.

I’m new to leasing and the only info I have is above. I negotiated based on final sale price. And yes 500$ is the only incentive this car has.

If that deal sounds good, I will go ahead or I will drop. Please update, thanks.

I wouldn’t have high hope for the lease on these things, even up to the last 2018 Q3’s with the old old infotainment, had a pretty high lease. I do expect a good resale on these tho.

I work for Audi the Q3s wont have real money off only the 500 incentive rebate. Many who says q5 lease out better that us true. I ran a lease for a customer who has a 2016 q3 and when I showed him a 780 payment with first month down he started to become outraged and swearing at me. I told him we wont be discounting this vehicle ( car literally landed the first one here hours before he drove it). He calmed down and showed him a q5 at 500 with first month down and he didnt get how a 8k more expensive car is cheaper. I had to explain rebates residual money factor and so on.

Wait until a few more months…

But he’s getting 11% off a new model year car. Figure out the MF and then look into doing MSDs and it the OF isn’t marked up then it’s decent for a Q3.

Obviously an x1 new and loaner will lease better but get a car you’ll enjoy. The Q5 is getting a refresh next year.