2019 Audi A6 Premium Plus

Hi, these are the details I have as of now - wondering what everyone’s thoughts are for an A6 Premium Plus.

MSRP: 60,400
Sales Price: 50,400
Residual: 45%
Money Factor: .00005
Upfront Payment: 5,000 (and change, includes taxes, tags, etc as taxes are paid upfront)
Tenor: 39 Months
Monthly: $499

How much lower should they go?

There is $4,000 lease cash available on the A6. If your sales price includes the lease cash, it is not a good deal.

What is the pre-incentive selling price? Have you confirmed incentives/rv/mf with edmunds?

This is actually where I need some help. I approached the process with the MSRP and negotiated them down to 50,000 - they said that includes all incentives available and they cant go lower than that. That number then translated to the 499 per month lease. Elsewhere, I spoke with dealers who got down to 47,000 on sales price, but they were showing me a lease rate of 619-630 as they had worse money factors. The RV and MF if 45% and .00005 seem to be on par with the best I’ve seen thus far. Just wondering though from folks who have leased an A6 if getting a premium plus with sales price in this range at least than 499 a month is doable. Im trying to push lower.

Go to edmunds and find out what the incentives/rv/mf actually are. It does you no good to speculate. Once you’re armed with that info, you can start to attack the deal to determine where things should be. Right now, you’re just swinging in the dark.

Also, do you have a breakdown of the DAS? Are you in a state that wants taxes up front on the whole value of the car vs on the monthly?

Yup, I’m in a state where the taxes are up front rather than on the monthly.

I just did my first own negotiations. It started about 3 weeks ago.

2019 Audi A6
MSRP: 64,750
Sales Price $53262
Residual 44%
Money factor .00005
$1000 DAS
$630 per month tax included

Isn’t this the outgoing body?
Seems like a lot

It is, however I noticed that a lot of dealers have not cleared out their 2019s, and havent recenved 2020s yet. Have you finalized the lease? If not, and are looking for a comp, please see below:

2019 A6 Premium Plus 2.0
MSRP: 64,750
Sales Price: I think 47kish
4000 upfront, whihc included title, tag, processing, and taxes paid upfront
500 a month.

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Where do you live and how much are your taxes?

2019 is the new body style.

The residual on these is terrible which is why they don’t lease well. For reference, I leased my 57k msrp 2017 for 420/month with 3500 down. The car was 10k under water when I turned it in this month. That 499/5000 deal is pretty good and better than most I have seen. Try to cut the upfront by 1000 then take the deal and be thrilled. That would be the best a6 deal that I have seen.

Max_g, to answer your question im in MD, and taxes are typically take upfront, but I believe you can include them in the monthly too. Everywhere I went the combo of taxes, title, and fees was coming to around 5k. So with one dealer I said I’d do 4k to cover the core costs and left it to the dealer to figure it out - they likely ate some fees to get it to 4k upfront, or pushed the remaining 1k into my monthly. Then again, 500 a month on the lease, but thats for 10k miles. Said another way, if I did 5k upfront to cover taxes, then my monthly may have been just below 500.

Thats amazing that they gave you 27% off of MSRP. How did you do it?

I’m only getting 18% off MSRP off of $60K and its coming out to $642 a month with $3K DAS. There is $8K in dealer cash now too.