2019 Audi A6 - high MF, low RV

Hello~I am in the Nor Cal bay area. I got a quote from a large dealer and was quoting 0.001 for MF and 49% for RV on 36/10K term. They look kind of high or low, do you think?
For an MSRP $69K car, they are asking $899+Tax.

Go to Edmunds to get proper MF and RV based on the trim, mileage, and location.

Audis do have a lower RV than BMW so may be accurate and the dealer cannot modify RV anyway.

Payment is high but hard to give any feedback without details.

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Didn’t the MSRP of the new A6 jump like 10k?

.0001 MF isn’t bad. Most cars at my dealership are .0025 :neutral_face:

A6 just doesn’t lease well. And residuals aren’t negotiable. If you’re looking for a better deal I’d move onto something like a prior courtesy loaner 530i.

not really, they dont have a 2.0 model right now

There is only a 3.0 supercharged engine out right now, the 2.0 should be coming in about a year. Apples to apples its roughly the same give or take 2k.