2019 Audi A5 sportback upstate ny


Hey guys new here. Trying to figure some things out
On RODO I found an 2019 Audi A5 sport back was looking to get some feed back if possible or some guidance on where to look. Thanks in advance

MSRP 45790
9178 in discounts it says
25185 RV
895 bank fee
499 dealer and dmv fees
1314 taxes

451 a month
Any guidance would really be appreciated.
Thanks guys

Forgot to mention all the fees are rolled in so 451 is what is due at signing.

Seems relatively decent considering Audis don’t lease well

Maybe this is right lol

do you know how much what the discount is comprised off? How much of it is factory rebate?

It doesn’t say exactly where it comes from

If the Premium trim has what you need, go for it.

Yea I mean it’s the lowest they make but I owned an A7 Prestige before and didn’t even use most of the added features in it lol. I think they come nicely equipped as the base model.

Weird, I’m in upstate and when I search for anything Audi in rodo, it says there are none. That seems like a great deal.

This is a great deal for a new Audi. 20% MSRP is unheard of. If you like the base model, then go for it. I currently lease a 2018 A4 Premium Plus. I am up in the Northeast so the heated steering wheel along with heated seats helps this time of year.

Not sure how far up you are. But this would be at dealerships in westchester. I’m near Poughkeepsie so it’s about an hour ride for me.

Yea it comes with heated seats. I don’t think the steering wheel though. Wish it did lol

I also have upgraded HK sound system along with the virtual cockpit. Love both features.

Does the base model have navigation?

No it does not but was told I could buy it online for
Much cheaper.
In my a7 I had the heads up display which I never used. The night vision also didn’t use. Blind spot monitoring etc. the adaptive cruise control I did like however.