2019 audi a5 sb deal feedback pls!

Dear friends would you please evaluate the following deal .Hoping to finalize in a day so would appreciate feedback:

Vehicle: 2019 A5 Sportback Premium Plus w Sline sport package,19" wheel pkg ,cargo ,box,ring beams and bang olofson audio
MSRP: 52015
Selling Price: 44415
MF: 0.00148
Residual : 56%
Term: 36 MTHS/36000 MI
Down Payment :0
Sales Tax : 8.25%
Due at signing : 6529.12 (518.27+80+980+4950)
mthly w tax: 518

Thanks for the time guys and would appreciate a prompt response !!

ZIP 94583

Seems you are getting base MF which is always desired…

Run a LH Calc and see if the numbers line up with the offer… are you doing max MSD

Actually looks like a very good deal considering these things typically lease horribly. I’d pull the trigger!

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Affirmitive on all. Thanks

thanks a lot

IMO this is a very good deal. Love the SBs. I’d add Audi care though and get 1% bump in RV.

What dealership is this, Audi Dublin?

and did you pull the trigger? Well done.