2019 Audi A4 Premium + Quattro quote 39/12

2019 Audi A4 Premium Plus Quattro 39/12 deal…can I get this any lower?

MSRP: $54,000
Sell price: $43,500
MF: .00014
Drive off: $1500 ( includes tax, lic,acq, dealer fee) plus first month payment
RV: 48%
Monthly: $575 including tax and Audicare

Thanks in advance.

What state are you in? What’s the sell price before incentives?

$47k before the $3500 lease cash

47 would be like 13% off. That’s an excellent discount.

I’d suggest maxing MSDs to lower the payment, even tho the MF is already pretty low

Does the 1500 DAS include 1st month?

I still have a nagging feeling that the MP is a bit high with that discount

Thanks gc.

13% seemed strong compared to other quotes I was getting esp not being end of year. The $1500 DAS doesn’t include first month so was planning to shave that. The DAS seems inflated but based on the 19% off seems worth it to push for a few more dollars, otherwise seems solid for a 19 A4.

Without 1st MP in the DAS, you’re at like $616 effective MP. Just seems high. I wonder if FL’s notoriously high doc fee has something to do with it.

Idk something has gotta be off. $616 after 19% off a $54k car doesn’t feel right. For reference, I helped a friend get a $50k A4 last December for $554/month with $554 DAS. 12% discount before season of Audi.

It’s not crazy high, but my hunch would be it should be under $600 all in

My timing is tough…I would prefer to be waiting until Season of Audi so the only thing I have in my court is being end of quarter.

But even so, the additional $4k spread out over 39 months is 102 which would bring me to $656. Am I reading that wrong?

No your timing is fine. 13% off + $3500 incentive is very strong. Something in the fees (I’m guessing doc) must be the cause of the high payment.

Again, it’s not insanely high, just maybe $20ish too high but idk. I think a good rule for Audi is about 1.1% which in this case would be $590ish which is where my hunch tells me you should be

Can I knock down fees at all or are those mostly non negotiable? From what I am seeing the most i can do is try and get them off the sell price a little more to accommodate?

Either way, appreciate your help on it.

They won’t budge on fees. Easier to knock the sell price in my experience. The low RV prob isn’t helping you either tbh.

You can always try to get another $10-15 off, but don’t lose the deal over it. Or you can try asking to have that 1500 DAS include 1st month.

Try maxing MSDs!

Happy to help