2019 Audi A4 Deal

Hey all,

Just wanted to post this deal in northern NJ I got this past week. Had a lot of back-and-forth between the A4 and the C300 (I currently have a CLA250 lease that’s ending in January), test drove both and price quoted them against each other based on which one gave me better bang for my buck. In the end the Audi dealership offered me the better deal:

Model: 2019 A4 Premium Plus
MSRP: $50,090
Sale Price: $39,296
MF: 0.00005
RV: 47% (10k/39 mo)
DAS: $2800 (Taxes, Doc Fees, 1st month)
Total: $430/mo

Also having them pay off the remaining payments on my CLA as well as the disposition fee.

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Never mind, I thought it was in Ask section

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I didn’t go crazy, then :grin:

Don’t know much about incentives in NJ but that”s a solid discount especially with covered CLA payments. Is this Quattro? Try to also get AudiCare on them and you should be golden.

It is. 45 TFSI 2.0T

Looks like you already got the deal. Enjoy the car. Quattro is awesome to drive.

Hi. I’m trying to find a good lease on an A4 p plus. Do you mind sharing the dealership info?

No problem. This was Town Audi in Englewood, NJ.

Thanks so much

Looks like a pretty good deal.

I got a quote another dealer in central jersey as $430 monthly with $3200 DAS for 10000 miles per year for 39 months. The MSRP was $48540.

Can you share the sales advisor name?