2019 Atlas SEL Premium lease help

All- just started my search for a 2019 VW Atlas SEL Premium. Located in Dallas. I’ve got a number of dealers I’ve just started emailing. The largest dealer in the area has a lot of them on the lot and is listing them for $5-6k under MSRP. I’ve referenced that to several dealers (haven’t contacted this particular dealer yet) and the answer I’m hearing from all of them is they can go a lot lower on a purchase (to the tune of $3k) then they can on a lease (due to incentives). Edmunds has just a $350 lease incentive on it, 55% residual on a 36/15k but the MF is .00151, which is huge, and it’s been there for a couple of months (it’s a lot lower for non-Premiums).

I haven’t looked at what the purchase incentives are, but I can’t imagine that a .00151 MF on a lease is any less of a carrot for them than whatever their purchase finance rate is.

Does the differential make sense here or is it just a tactic to prevent me from using an advertised sale price as a starting point?


The only way you can make this comparison is to start by answering the purchase incentives question.

Yup, fair enough.

$500 grad, $500 military, $500 auto show. So even if they assumed all 3 for argument’s sake, that’s not the difference.

Deal for 20% off MSRP, and the rates provided by Edmunds forum.

Would you mind pointing me in the direction of where you saw that 20% off MSRP? Was it on a lease or purchase?

Thank you!

Those are not the purchase incentives

If there’s something I’m missing, I’d greatly appreciated being sent to the correct place.

The MF is higher on the SEL, if you want to bring it down you need to max out the MSDs.I just got one of these, I didn’t knock it out of the park as the incentives just aren’t there (like you said). But I really wanted the car, so I just did the best I could. With the incentives, negotiated discount and VW partner program ($500) I got it to 16% off MSRP…

Appreciate that- right now I’m at about 13.5% off. There’s 2 more dealers a little further of a drive out that have the color/options combos I’m looking for and I’m not in a rush- good to hear what others are getting it down to!

I am trying to work the same deal right now in SoCal. I have been told the lease cash is $3500 and purchase cash $5800 (the terms for the discount I’m using may not be the correct terms they use). I have been pushing for 20% off, but I’m not there yet.

Also, on SE with Tech (prefer SEL, but haven’t been able to find color combo) the MF I have been quoted is .0008.

Yup- on a non-Premium SEL, I’m quoted .00083 (where I am) but close to double on the Premium but that’s what my wife wants so that’s what I’m going after. And we get killed in Texas on tax :slight_smile:

I hear ya on the TX tax…I’ve leased in TX before and had to live through it. :wink: