2019 Ascent Limited

Hi Hackers,

This forum has been great, thank you all! Looking at a Subaru Ascent, and from everything I have researched and seen on this forum I think this is a pretty killer deal right now. Looking for some feedback, i’m probably going to pull the trigger.

44,044 MSRP (Limited)
40,500 Sale Price (8% discount)
MF: 0.00175 (wish they had MSD…)
Doc Fee: 150, Registration: 800, Tax: 10.3% (Washington really gets its share)

$510 / mo with $1,475 down

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Check out this deal

I can’t seem to manage to compare the 2 deals due to lack of info. OP, is it $1475 down or $1475 DAS? If the latter, yours may be better than what Ursus linked to since that other deal states all fees, taxes, and first month DAS and yours looks to be only doc, reg, and first month. So your acquisition and taxes are rolled into your payment, not to mention your higher MSRP.

Whether or not an Ascent is worth such a high payment is another story.

MF here is higher, for some reason. But the deals are probably comparable.

His deal is actually pretty identical to mine. Putting his deal into the calculator this is what i came up with which should be close. Just FYI I saw that that MF. is 170 for 36months and 175 for 39months. Maybe they marked up a little

Here is what my deal looked like i dont remember exact sales price but i saw what the numbers looked like. this is what the deal i got looked like.

I think his deal is great and he should pull the trigger. I had negative equity from my trade it in since i only had the car for a year so i rolled in some of the negative equity and im pretty much paying what he is paying the same montly he is paying now.

Yes it’s $1475 DAS, I’ll share more when done

Different MFs was the reason I posted the link. They are both good deals, if you must have an Ascent now.

Well yes I should have phrase it like that. If you need one now it’s a good deal. I’m sure by next year these things will be in the mid to high 300s for top ranging models. I really didnt need the car right now but my wife was tired of my WRX and the fact that she couldn’t drive it in case of ER since we have a new born now. She loves the Ascent now.