2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport deal - feedback appreciated!

Hi All - first time poster here considering the following lease on a 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport. MSRP on the vehicle is $58,290.00. Feedback is very much appreciated!

As a side note: we’re up in the air on what exactly we want, outside of the fact we’d like a small to midsize SUV with a decent amount of luxury, but also performs well. Would love an Audi SQ5 or BMW X3 M40i, but they don’t seem to lease very well. Additional thoughts on options and known deals would also be appreciated.


Would really appreciate some feedback on this offer. Thanks in advance, Hackrs. :+1:t2:

Aim for a selling price of $48,763~

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Assuming this selling price, am I looking at a ~$500.00/mo lease price? I’m having a hard time getting the calculators I’ve found to replicate the price above, let alone with other modified details.

That’s pretty close to what you have, it’s all there on the sheet you just have to tweak everything until it lines up.

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Thanks! So how does this deal look overall?

Also, I’m considering switching to another almost identically optioned Stelvio that has the less costly black paint (600.00 option vs. 2200.00), so this would save a few more bucks.

Doesn’t seem like these lease very well anymore, even at the $48k ish suggested price, you’re still looking at $616ish a month. I think there’s better vehicles out there for that. You can get an X2 loaner for almost half this, $350ish depending on the MSRP

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The quote above is $585.89, so I have to imagine dropping the more expensive paint and another couple of thousand off the negotiated price, it would be closer to $500.00/mo…?

Ultimately, I was really hoping to get in to an X3 M40i or SQ5 P+ in the $650.00/mo range, but this unfortunately doesn’t seem to be realistic…

Dropping a few thousand on the msrp isn’t going to drop the payment that much because everything is residualized. You might get close to what you want on a loaner/demo M40i. Or find a 2018 alfa if you want a deal, like the one I posted

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I just ran some numbers on a M40i, if you find the right car you might be able to get to $650. Get on cargurus and search used(2018)and under 5000 miles.

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Great info. Thanks!

I found a local demo X3 M40i, but the dealership doesn’t seem to want to move it. Pricing is on par with what I’d expect from a brand new one (and only $150.00/mo less than a Stelvio Quadrifoglio…). :roll_eyes:

Keep hunting around, there’s a dealer my area with 6 that are under 5000 miles.

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I’ll keep my eyes peeled. I have a little over a month before my wife’s current lease gets turned in. And even if I don’t make something happen by then, I work from home, so she could take my vehicle.

Any chance your local dealer would work out a hot deal? I’m not opposed to traveling to get the right vehicle…

Pm’d you 202020